Sandwich Runner 0.3.36 MOD Lots of Money APK
Sandwich Runner MOD APK 0.3.36

Sandwich Runner 0.3.36 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Sandwich Runner
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Công ty TNHH Dwango
Size 78MB
Latest Version 0.3.36
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

Promises to open up fun levels in Sandwich Runner. The game is in the category of action games. But the gameplay is built in the style of entertainment. Unlock exciting levels. The content revolves around the activity of making Sandwiches. Help diners enjoy the taste you make. Through it will be discovered many different reactions. Due to the ingredients that you craft to help the eater experience a unique reaction. This is a game that is completely free to play after downloading. Under offline mode, no network connection is required. Compatible with almost any mobile device. Bringing every player free leisure time. Along with that is a simple control interface. Easy to use to perform control operations.

Introduce about Sandwich Runner – Make Sandwich For Eaters To Enjoy!

Is a completely free offline game. The mission system of Sandwich Runner will take place at each level. With different challenges in ascending order. Each level unlocks a sandwich crafting mission. Through a chain designed for the long haul. You will have to collect the materials that appear on the road. Complete a cake with various ingredients. Reaching the end of the path will let the user enjoy. Depending on the taste of the Sandwich will bring many different reactions. Achievements in each level of play are represented by the number of gold stars. For excellent achievement with a maximum number of stars. You need to get satisfaction from the eater. Conversely, if they make them feel dissatisfied, they will receive one star.Sandwich Runner

Get rewards, baking skills

After completing a level play in Sandwich Runner. You will receive a reward of gold coins. Can get the amount of money multiplied by 3 if you watch the promotional video for free. From there will accumulate a large amount of money to use in trading activities. Continue crafting quests at a new level. The difficulty will be increased with more challenges than before. There are obstacles on the way. Those are the same dirty ingredients. The main reason why you are rated one star by eater. For excellent achievement, get a maximum number of stars. It is necessary to avoid dirty ingredients on the road. By agile observation for remote detection. Then control the cake to move in another direction. From there will proceed to the finish line to perfect a sandwich with delicious taste.Game Sandwich Runner

Various materials, reactions

Play through the levels in the game Sandwich Runner. You will discover many different baking ingredients. They are divided into two categories, clean and dirty ingredients. For clean ingredients include tomatoes, lettuce, and sashimi. Chili, sausage, cheese, chocolate, fried egg. In addition, dirty components include rocks, feces, and flies. Depends on the type of ingredients used to make the cake. Will cause the reaction of the eater to change accordingly. Special attention should be paid to the dirty ingredients in the Sandwich. Just one dirty ingredient will make the eater feel sick. Or too many spicy ingredients, with fiery red peppers that will make the eater breathe fire. That will make them feel unsatisfied to receive a 3-star rating.Ear Sandwich Runner

Pitfalls, cake heights

With each increasing difficulty of Sandwich Runner. In addition to the materials provided to use for making sandwiches. There are also more pitfalls to hinder the baking process. Those are the poles that rotate automatically on the road. If the right collision will cause your cake to be partially lost. To limit that, it is necessary to dodge so as not to touch the trap. More than that, experience the baking game at higher levels. More materials will appear than before. That means you can collect to craft a large number of ingredients. This will increase the height of the sandwich. Helping diners fully enjoy the delicious flavors. But it should be noted if the cake is made from many dirty ingredients. The eater will be sick, meaning the mission failed.Introduce about Sandwich Runner

Go through the levels playing with excellent achievements. Get satisfaction from eaters with a maximum number of stars. You will accumulate a large number of bonuses. Those are the gold coins used for trading. From there will unlock many different types of cakes, not just a single type. Sandwich Runner provides a variety of cakes for you to craft. Including biscuits, bread, rice cakes, rice cakes,… there are some other types. Each type of cake will require a certain amount of money to buy. Unlock each type in turn, thereby creating many different Sandwiches.

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