Sand Balls 2.3.35 MOD Lots of Money, Many Gems APK
Sand Balls MOD APK 2.3.35

Sand Balls 2.3.35 MOD Lots of Money, Many Gems APK

By Hai Nam April 3, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Sand Balls
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Size 147MB
Latest Version 2.3.35
MOD Unlimited Money, Many Gems
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Sand Balls Mod APK is a simple puzzle game but super fun and relaxing. It includes hundreds of different levels with increasing difficulty over time. Your task in each level is to draw a path for the ball to run. These are colorful balls, which are orange, red, pink, purple and more. They need to be dumped into a truck at the bottom of the screen in the required quantity. And you are the one to do it. Just swipe your finger on the screen to draw lines in the sand. But make sure that the balls will not be hindered by any obstacles. There are dozens of rewards for you after each victory. With that reward, you can build your dream island and make it better than ever. It will be even better when you use the Sand Balls 2.3.35 MOD Lots of Money, Many Gems APK version and experience the MOD features inside it.

Introducing Sand Balls – Addictive puzzle gameplay on mobile

There are quite a few famous puzzle games for phones and Sand Balls is one of them. This game has attracted hundreds of millions of players globally, so what makes it attractive? Firstly, it brings hours of fun and relaxation with colorful balls, sand and music. So, after tiring work, you will definitely need this game. Second, although it is a simple game, it includes incredibly difficult puzzles. Just touch the screen to play, but some puzzles will make you think for a long time. This is a chance to exercise your creativity to solve every puzzle. Third, this game offers a complete storyline. The game’s levels are organized according to the plot sequence, helping you feel like you’re on an adventure. And it’s not just puzzles but a super fun island design experience.


Simple gameplay

The gameplay mechanism of the game is extremely simple and easy to play. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to conquer. Currently, it has hundreds of levels one after another and each level is a logic puzzle for you. In each level, your task is to draw lines in the sand to guide the ball towards a truck. You need to know how to draw properly so that the ball runs smoothly, is not hindered by any obstacles and reaches the finish line safely. If the ball is stopped midway, you will lose quite a few balls. And if you don’t have enough balls dumped into the truck in each level, you’ll have to start over from the beginning.

Thus, this game will require your creativity. You can’t just draw straight lines because sometimes obstacles in the sand will block the ball’s path. You need smart paths, such as curves, paths leading to round holes and more. Round holes in the sand will guide the ball to other holes and bring the ball closer to the target. Know how to take advantage of them to dribble as many balls as possible. At the end of the level, a funny truck is waiting to retrieve the ball. It’s a great material to build your island.


Unlock attractive rewards

After each victory, you can collect the truck and save it to your collection in Sand Balls MOD . The more you play, the more you will have the opportunity to collect more super cool toy truck models. They come in many different designs and colors, such as cars, trucks, pickups, off-road vehicles and more. Besides, after each victory, you have the right to unlock new levels with new rewards, including bonuses. Bounties are useful for you to unlock special items and balls and build your island.

There are dozens of islands with different themes for you to build and design. It can be an underground island, water island, candy island and more. Each location has its own landscapes, helping you enjoy the unique and cool beauty of the poetic, colorful islands. To upgrade your island, you will need to collect keys along the way in each level. After collecting enough keys, you can open the chest to receive money and diamonds. They are useful for you to complete projects on the island. Until they reach 100% progress, you can unlock a new island.


Exquisite and colorful design

Along with the simple gameplay is a sophisticated design style. It simulates puzzle levels on vivid 3D graphics, but the images are quite simple and rudimentary. The game background is always colorful, creating a bright and pleasant experience space. Meanwhile, the music is always melodious and gentle, creating relaxation and comfort for you while playing. Everything is at a good level so you have a great experience on your phone.


What are the MOD APK features of Sand Balls?

  • Lots of Money
  • Many Gems
  • No ads

With this version, players will no longer have to worry about money, no need to plow or recharge to get the desired amount of gems because this version already gives you unlimited gems. With an amount of 99,999 coins that does not decrease when spent, you will definitely become a tycoon in the game.

Download game Sand Balls MOD APK (Lots of Money, Many Gems)

Therefore, Download Sand Balls MOD APK 2.3.35 is a fun choice to play all the time. It’s truly a great experience you won’t find in any other version, with 99999 coins and gems. Each level of the game lasts just over 1 minute and is very easy to play, so it is accessible to anyone. Show off your creativity to draw clever dribbles and collect super cool rewards. There are hundreds of levels and unique rewards to explore, are you ready to enjoy?

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