Russian Driver 1.1.4 MOD Shopping Without Money APK
Russian Driver MOD APK 1.1.4

Russian Driver 1.1.4 MOD Shopping Without Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 days ago)
Name Russian Driver
Requires Android 5.0
Latest Version1.1.4
MOD Free Shopping
Price FREE

Experience the action game through the game Russian Driver. Simulator of a huge world. Set in the 90s Russia. With a series of different tasks and jobs that need to be done. Based on the quest of the fascinating plot. You will have to find a way to make a lot of money. Explore the unknown in the vast world. At the same time can play many different roles. The main content of the game revolves around car driving. As a driver, you will have to make sure the trips go smoothly. Drive to the required locations to complete the mission. Get excellent achievements during the game to prove your skills. From there will have the opportunity to explore many different types of vehicles.

Russian Driver – Driving Action Combines In The 90s Of Russia!

Russian Driver is a combination of racing and action elements. With a series of different missions waiting for you to explore. Play as the character in the game to start the journey. Move to a car to use. Drive according to the directions to go to the designated location. Then get off the car and do the activities that are taking place in front. For example hand-to-hand attacks with other gangsters. Defeat them with basic punches and kicks. Then you can complete the mission and get in the car to leave. Start a new job with harder challenges. The difficulty of the game is changed according to each completed mission. Not only the distance traveled further than before. But the challenges behind will help you feel more excited. Increase the experience for a chance to explore unknown places.Russian Driver

Perform multiple roles

To be able to earn a lot of money in the game Russian Driver. You will have to role-play to perform many different roles. For example being a policeman, a medical officer, a truck driver, a bus driver,… and many more. Every time transforms into a character to perform the corresponding job. Need to make sure the task is done in the best way. Through driving to the destination specified by the system. For example, driving a truck to transport goods, or driving a police car to patrol areas where conflicts occur. Or work as a medical staff to promptly handle emergency situations. After completing the work will receive the capital. Continue the task to perform the next activity. Completing excellently will receive a large amount of money. From there, it can be accumulated to perform trading activities. Shop and unlock new things.Tai Russian Driver

More than 20 vehicles

Come to Russian Driver for the opportunity to explore more than 20 types of transport. Including motorcycles, minibusses, trucks, buses, SUVs, and even sports cars. Each vehicle has a unique design. Bring your own unique style, from color to operating system. The difference between the vehicles is also reflected in the technical parameters. For example, the maximum speed achieved when traveling on the road. The ability of the vehicle to brake to a complete stop. The power of the engine to accelerate. However, to own the car you love. You cannot use them for free. Although at the initial stage, the system will provide a means to move. But if you want to drive more capable cars, you will have to unlock them.Game Russian Driver

Control system

The control system of the game Russian Driver is optimally designed. The publisher simulates the control keys intuitively. Make it easy for all players to use to perform different activities. When driving the vehicle to move, the system automatically switches to the steering mechanism. Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate the vehicle. Besides, to increase and decrease the speed will need to press the brake and accelerator pedal icon. At the same time, it is possible to change the viewing angle in the process. With the first and third viewing angles, it will bring you the most authentic experience. Also, after the character gets off the car. The control interface will be converted into action icons. Can be used to perform attacks, kicks, and grappling.Russian Driver

The graphics of Russian Driver are designed in a classic style. Set in the 90s in Russia. With the environment, the surrounding scenery is simulated very impressively. Create a unique character, with uniquely constructed images. Besides, the game also recreates the city environment, the vast forest. With tall buildings, and bright green trees. Make you feel excited when driving through those roads. At the same time throughout the playing process, the sound will be changed accordingly. The sound system is shown through the engine sound every time the car accelerates.

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