Russian Car Lada 3D 2.2.3 MOD Remove Ads APK
Russian Car Lada 3D MOD APK 2.2.3

Russian Car Lada 3D 2.2.3 MOD Remove Ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Name Russian Car Lada 3D
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher GameOut
Size 81MB
Latest Version 2.2.3
MOD No Ads
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Inspired by Russian-made cars. The publisher GameOut has opened the Russian Car Lada 3D game. This is a vivid 3D simulation driving game. Recreated in the driver’s first-person or third-person view from the rear. When participating can choose to drive many different vehicles. Enjoy the mechanics of each vehicle on routes designed in multiple environments. Moreover, there is a chance to show off your skills to prove yourself as a professional racer. Through driving operation drift through the bends. Or test the operability by increasing the maximum speed. Even more, fun to drive, and the interface and driving mechanics are designed in an intuitive way.

Russian Car Lada 3D – Driving Lada on Russian Roads!

About the mechanics of driving Russian cars produced in the game. The system is simulated visually. Instead of using all the features to manipulate reality to start and operate. Here the steering mechanism has omitted complex features. Make it easy for players to use to perform driving operations. Accordingly, you need to touch or hold the left and right arrow keys. From there it is possible to navigate the vehicle. Likewise in the right corner of the screen, two icons are displayed. These are the brake and accelerator pedals for you to press, thereby increasing and decreasing when necessary, even stopping. Even more interesting is being able to use the nitro tank to increase the top speed of the vehicle. By touching the tank, it will immediately activate the car to accelerate.Introduce about Russian Car Lada 3D

Open and drifting gameplay

Based on open road driving gameplay. You can freely operate the vehicle to different locations. Traveling on roads with a lot of traffic. Take in the beautiful views of the surroundings. But it is necessary to demonstrate skills to be able to increase achievement points, which is reflected in scores. Following that you can perform risky drifting techniques. Drift through the roads without necessarily in the bends. Even on a straight line can be deflected by drift technique. From there, the number of achievement points will constantly increase. Simultaneously perform the drift with the longest distance without interruption. Overcoming the previous distance achieved will increase the score even more.Tai Russian Car Lada 3D

Select viewing angle

As introduced at the beginning of the game Russian Car Lada 3D. The driver can choose from two different viewing angles. Customize your gameplay to enjoy your favorite driving mechanics. Each perspective will bring the observation in its own way. From there, it will create an interesting experience when driving on the road. In the first-person perspective, the steering system is simulated from the sitting position. The dashboard details can be seen inside the car. But it has limited visibility around, making it difficult for you to drive if you are not used to it. In contrast, the third-person view is not only easier to drive from behind. It can also track every movement of the vehicle while drifting.

The vehicle system is impressively designed

As is known about the vehicle used in the game. Those are cars made in Russia. With the design of the style, expressed through the body and the different head. Through the process of play and over time it takes place. You will have the opportunity to drive many different cars. For example, Lada VAZ 2106, 2107 and 2109 cars. In each car there will be differences in design. At the same time, their performance is also not the same. From the default paint color, to the design, to the operation. To drive a new racing car will have to unlock. Through the driving tasks, when the conditions are met, the system will unlock.Russian Car Lada 3D

The racing environment in the Russian Car Lada 3D game is reproduced very vividly. You have the opportunity to drive on dirt roads, the city center, and suburban roads. On each road, the landscape is not the same. That difference is reflected in the surrounding environment. As well as the terrain is simulated with weather conditions. In parallel with that, with the combination of realistic physics when driving. The terrain of each environment also affects the driving process. For example, operating a vehicle on a dirt road with unevenness and unevenness. If in the process of drifting, it collides with the ground, causing the vehicle to overturn.

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