Russian Car Drift 1.9.50 MOD Lots of Money APK
Russian Car Drift MOD APK 1.9.50

Russian Car Drift 1.9.50 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 hours ago)
Name Russian Car Drift
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Carlovers Games
Size 110MB
Latest Version 1.9.50
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Racing
Price FREE

Russian Car Drift is a racing game dedicated to those who love Drift art. It brings many modes to race alone or competes with online opponents. Moreover, the game also has dozens of locations with unique terrain types to race. But its appeal is not only in racing and refreshing Drift style. Many gamers come to this game because the vehicle system and customization system are extremely rich. There are hundreds of classic cars with shiny looks and powerful engines. Gamers can also freely customize the car both in terms of form and engine inside. Once customized, you can immediately start a test car in Drift races. Show off your driving skills to enjoy the effects of skidding, collisions, and engine roars. That is the feeling that many drivers are always looking for.

Introduce about Russian Car Drift – Enjoy the ultimate Drift races!

Anyone who loves racing must have heard the term “Drift”. And it is vividly represented in the game Russian Car Drift. This is a playground for the most skilled riders to show off their top Drift skills. At the same time, it is also the world of racing cars with a surprisingly rich collection of cars. This game will also make you excited to drive on high-quality 3D graphics. Images, sounds, and effects are vividly depicted, making driving experiences more realistic than you could imagine. If you love these things, this is the place for you. Compete with your friends, hunt for bonuses, and unlock all the things you like. Not only cars but also spare parts and many places to explore.


Design your car as you like

In your garage, there are more than 100 genuine racing cars with a beauty that is hard to refuse. They are designed by many world-famous brands and now, you can enjoy them from a third perspective. You can rotate multiple angles to fully admire the car’s appearance. You will even have the opportunity to drive them on the track to feel the powerful engine sound and performance. In particular, the game allows you to become a racing car designer. It means you can customize the car to your liking. Add anything or even completely change the look of your car, that’s your prerogative.

To cater to the needs of vehicle design, the game offers a rich collection of alternative items. Accordingly, you can find many paint colors to apply, do not forget to customize the intensity of the color. Moreover, change the design of the bodywork, wheels, rims, led lights, and more. Especially for wheels, don’t hesitate to change both diameter, width, and spacer size. You also need to choose the right tires to improve your vehicle’s heat resistance and ride comfort on the road. For Drift riders, this is the most important part to pay attention to.


Multiple modes to explore the races

After customizing your car in Russian Car Drift, test it right away in a race. There are many tracks for you to explore in single or multiplayer mode. Start by choosing a location from among areas like a forest, train station, airport, city, and more. After that, you can have fun in your fancy car and have the opportunity to show off some spectacular Drifts. If you play with many other people, you will compete with them in a 1v1 race. Make an effort to win and bring home the bonus. Money will help you unlock many new cars and many unique accessories to design the car.

In addition, the game also has daily missions and weekly events. The more you race, the higher your level. From there, you will have the opportunity to face stronger opponents and participate in more challenging races. Along with that, the rewards are also increasingly attractive, making you want to play forever. But if you want to hunt for rewards, you need to master driving operations. It’s not too difficult, but it’s important that you know how to coordinate actions to perform the Drift skill. Accompanying the drift screen is a vivid smoke effect.


High-end graphics, smooth effects

The game is carefully invested in terms of graphics. As a result, it delivers stunning visuals on top of high-quality 3D graphics. Classic racing cars appear indescribably realistic, both in appearance and in engine sound, and in every detail of the interior of the car. The movements of the car on the track are really impressive. Drift levels will delight you with amazing sliding effects. The game context is also designed realistically and in detail.

Russian Car Drift will satisfy gamers who love Drift. The game gives you amazing drift races to compete with like-minded players. Moreover, come here to explore an amazing car collection and design the car according to your ideas. Do not hesitate to change the entire appearance of the car from the outside to the inside.

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