Run Rich 3D 1.21 MOD Free Reward APK
Run Rich 3D MOD APK 1.21

Run Rich 3D 1.21 MOD Free Reward APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Run Rich 3D
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher VOODOO
Size 106MB
Latest Version 1.21
MOD Free Rewards
Category Action
Price FREE

Is one of the action games of the publisher VOODOO. Run Rich 3D game is built with racing-style gameplay. Unleash an exciting journey, revolving around wealth and poverty. The content of the game takes place in the life of a young girl. You will help her collect money to change her fashion style. Become a rich person. To bring a new and unique experience. A series of interesting features are added by the system. Lots of different items to collect. A series of levels are played in ascending order. The costumes in many different styles are waiting for you to discover. At the same time, the sound system is fun, combining vivid and bright graphics. Promises to bring extremely entertaining gameplay.

Download Run Rich 3D MOD APK – Collect Money To Become A Rich Woman

The content of the game Run Rich 3D revolves around poverty and wealth. This is a game that takes place according to the journey, on a road full of difficulties and challenges. You will have to choose the right items to become rich. On the contrary, if you choose inappropriate items, you will become poor, and even lose everything. Join the game, your task is to help a girl become more luxurious and noble. Through the journey to help her change herself. Starting from a tattered outfit, being a poor person. Go on a trip to collect and accumulate coins. From there can become richer. New, beautiful, and luxurious outfits will be worn. Help that girl’s self be completely changed.Run Rich 3D

Quests by level, difficulty

The gameplay of Run Rich 3D is played out on each level. With a common mission system, the goal is to become a rich woman. Each level of play opens a race in progress. You will have to help the girl collect coins that appear during the move. From there, you can buy new outfits to change your appearance. After crossing the finish line, the mission will end. Based on achievements in the journey. From there will receive the corresponding bonus. Soon it is possible to start a new level to continue the quest. Travel distance is longer than before. At the same time, the number of obstacles in the way appears more. Make it difficult for you to change yourself. But after completing the task of each difficulty level. The amount of bonus received will be larger than before.Download Run Rich 3D

Items that make you poor

Collect coins that appear on the way to change yourself. But in the process, there are many other challenges to face. The prisoners move back and forth, aiming to rob you of the money you have. At the same time, Run Rich 3D also appears in more trash cans, bills, and bottles,… They are items that make you poorer. If you are not careful, you will lose everything you have. To be a rich woman. It is necessary to use your flexibility to move quickly. Dodge obstacles, and loot prisoners. Collect coins that appear at various locations during the move. Over time, it is necessary to improve individual skills. Improved visibility and more flexible control to move. From there it is possible to finish the quest at a level with good achievement.Game Run Rich 3D

Bonuses, costumes

Bonuses in Run Rich 3D are used to trade many things. Here you can get a bonus after finishing the mission of each level. Or maybe get a bigger bonus for watching free videos. Using accumulated coins, you can make purchases in the game store. With so many different items to choose from. It is possible to change the character itself with different types of equipment. In addition, there are many different costumes for you to experience. They don’t need money to buy. Instead, it will be worn on the character every time money is collected during the game. When a certain amount of money is reached, the outfit will automatically change. From tattered clothes gradually increased into modern, luxurious clothes.Tai Run Rich 3D

The sound effects of the game Run Rich 3D are very vivid. Fun background music is presented at every level. Fun sounds take place during the move. Exciting sound after completing the task. The figure of the character is a girl, the difference is shown through the costumes. The more money you collect, the more you will have the opportunity to wear beautiful costumes. From there, it is possible to highlight the external appearance. Along with that, the game’s graphics are also very impressive. Sharp 3D images, stunning quality. It gives you a sense of enjoyment and offers a better viewing angle.

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