Run Race 3D 200218 MOD Unlocked APK
Run Race 3D MOD APK 200218

Run Race 3D 200218 MOD Unlocked APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Run Race 3D
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Good Job Games
Size 118MB
Latest Version 200218
Category Action
Price FREE

Do you want to race parkour style? Moreover is running competitively with rivals? If you are ready, start the journey in the game Run Race 3D. This is a game built with racing-style content. Be in the category of action games with running activities to eliminate opponents. Accordingly, role-playing into a stickman character to participate in the race. Missions take place at each level of the game. The goal is to outrun the opponents and eliminate each stickman in turn through each round. From there becomes the last man standing and finishes with the top spot. Then you will win and receive the corresponding reward. At the same time, prove your skills and become a champion.

Download Run Race 3D MOD APK – Parkour Style Stickman Race

How to control the stickman character to move? If you want to perform the parkour skill, what kind of performance will you have to do? Accordingly, it will rely on the simple touch mechanism of the game. From there the character will automatically jump up and interact with the surrounding terrain. At the same time, it depends on the circumstances that take place during the dance process. The parkour action will be automatically performed to cross the terrain. But to be able to move forward and conquer all challenges. Requires your precision in the process of controlling the jumping character. It is necessary to choose the jumping point and touch to perform, in order to flexibly cross the terrain and continue running.Run Race 3D

Race by levels and game rules

The stickman race will be held at each level. Each level will open a different running terrain. Accordingly, you will have to compete with 3 other opponents in a race of up to 4 people. Based on the gameplay eliminate each stickman opponent after each round. Repeat this until the end of 3 laps to find the last person alive and finish first. Then the race will end, if you win, you will complete the mission. Can come to the next level of the game.

To win a parkour-style race. You need to be ahead of the rest of the opponents and quickly overcome any terrain. Successfully complete each lap to eliminate each opponent in turn. Then advance to the finish line first in the final round against a single opponent. From there, you will win and receive attractive prizes. That is the amount of gold corresponding to the difficulty of the quest.Game Run Race 3D

Difficulty increases with many changes

Go to the next level of Run Race 3D. Although the number of competitors remains the same as before. But there will be many changing elements to challenge your skills, as well as another stickman. Accordingly, the terrain is designed more complex. At the same time, the distance to travel will be longer than before. At the same time, the running ability of the opponents has also been improved. Although it is controlled by AI, it will be more advanced than the opponents that have met. This makes it difficult for you to run. It is even possible to be overtaken by the opponent and lose when eliminated.

As introduced earlier, the reward received after each race is gold coins. The amount will correspond to the achievement you achieve during the run at each level. Shown through difficulty, completion time, and ranking when finishing. At the same time, the amount will not stop increasing each time it comes to the next level.Tai Run Race 3D

Many challenges in the terrain

The terrain is one of the biggest challenges to overcome. Accordingly, the terrain will be changed every time a new level is started. With a complex design and different challenges to overcome. For example, jump parkour over walls to overcome terrain. Climb the rope to move up, slide the slope to move faster, and grab the support bar to swing to the road ahead. Even have to jump the monkey bar by inertia to stick to the next monkey bar. From there, continue to run forward to stay far away from the opponent. In each terrain, there will be different arrangements and designs. Requires your skill and experience to pass.Download Run Race 3D

Use the gold coins earned after each parkour race in Run Race 3D. You can customize the stickman character according to 3 different elements. Includes skin color, dance style, and body. Each element has many different options for customization. But apart from some options are unlocked by default. The rest will need to use the money to buy. For example, skin color can be customized in the style of spiderman, lightning man, ninja, and more. Or customize the lean, fat, and muscular mechanics.

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