Royal Idle: Medieval Quest 1.42.10 MOD Lots of Money, Emeralds, Free Upgrades APK
Royal Idle: Medieval Quest MOD APK 1.42.10

Royal Idle: Medieval Quest 1.42.10 MOD Lots of Money, Emeralds, Free Upgrades APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 hours ago)
Name Royal Idle: Medieval Quest
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Kongregate
Size 88MB
Latest Version 1.42.10
MOD Unlimited Money, Emeralds, Free Upgrades
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Royal Idle: Medieval Quest is a management-themed game. Here the scene unfolds in a vast kingdom. Simulate the environment and landscape in a town located in the forbidden valley. Accordingly, you will have to perform a lot of different tasks to uncover the mystery. Find out the cause of the fall of the once-great empire. That process will have to carry out the work. Build buildings, unlock characters, and earn money. Based on the idle gameplay that is played out, you will have to use resources to invest in activities. To increase revenue to earn a lot of resources. Moreover, there is also the opportunity to attend events with the goal of rising on the leaderboard.

Introduce about Royal Idle: Medieval Quest – Town Management With Business Activities!

Start the adventure in the emerald islands of the beautiful kingdom. In the role of a manager tasked with construction and development. You’ll have to work on each job with limited resources when you’re just starting out. Find ways to invest that pay off over time. From there earn more money to constantly grow. Turn the ruined town of the fallen empire into a place of prosperity. Helping people who come to life to get a better life. At the same time in the process of carrying out quests to develop the town. You will have the opportunity to uncover hidden mysteries. For example, the cause of the downfall of an empire. Or learn about the characters who came to live in town.Royal Idle- Medieval Quest MOD

Various construction projects

There are different structures to build in the town you manage. Includes housing, food producer, bakery,… and much more. Each building is architecturally designed in its own style, expressed through shapes and colors. Simultaneously used in different activities. For example, providing food, resources, and production to be profitable. Accordingly, to proceed with the construction of the works will have to consume resources. Depending on the project will need different amount of resources. Besides, it will be necessary to build each project in turn according to the schedule. Over time, it will gradually create a large town with business activities.Game Royal Idle- Medieval Quest MOD

A smart investment to earn idle money

As a manager in the game Royal Idle: Medieval Quest at LMHAPKSS. You have the power to make decisions that will affect the functioning of the town. Therefore, it is necessary to think carefully before making a decision. Special in the use of resources earned for further investment. It is necessary to learn to choose the right investment. Combined with the optimization of items. The goal of earning idle money is to constantly grow, thereby becoming the richest person in the world. Thanks to the profits that increase over time and accumulate. From there can continue to invest in activities and town building. Make it the most prosperous place in the kingdom.Tai Royal Idle – Medieval Quest MOD

Daily activities happening in town

The process of building and developing a town in the kingdom. There will be a lot of activities going on. Every day, people will move through the works managed by the people. Then transport goods and products to the port. They will be transported by cargo ships to another location. From there, consume to earn profit to continue to develop. Over time, it is possible to gradually expand the area to reach other areas. Helping you to expand your business to increase sales and greater profits.

Unlock more characters

Besides the construction works, there are also many characters to unlock. They are a very important contributing factor to the development of the town. Accordingly, each character will work on a project with its own task. A wheat producer, for example, moves the product from the inside out to be delivered to the carrier. Or the watchman on duty to protect and ensure the security of the whole town. Here can name some characters such as Messenger, Innkeeper, Alchemist, Stonemason,… and many more. Each character is shaped in its own style. Expressed through appearance, appearance, and clothing.Introduce about Royal Idle- Medieval Quest MOD

MOD APK feature implemented of Royal Idle: Medieval Quest

  • Lots of Money
  • Unlimited Emeralds
  • Free Upgrades

Royal Idle: Medieval Quest – Each character plays an important role in development. According to the working time of each person on the project assigned by you. They will gain experience or can use the money to increase their level. From there, it is possible to speed up the work progress, as well as increase the profit earned.

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