Royal Garden Tales 0.9.8 MOD Lots of Money, Stars, Coins, Elixir APK
Royal Garden Tales - Match 3 MOD APK 0.9.8

Royal Garden Tales 0.9.8 MOD Lots of Money, Stars, Coins, Elixir APK

Written by Hai Nam (20 hours ago)
Name Royal Garden Tales - Match 3
Requires Android 4.2
Publisher Touchten Games
Size 94MB
Latest Version 0.9.8
MOD Unlimited Money, Stars, Coins, Elixir
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Based on the story of the game Royal Garden Tales perform the task of decorating the garden and the mansion. At the same time uncover the mysteries surrounding the garden and learn about the secret in the house. Through level match-3 puzzle gameplay proceed with each task in turn. This is a puzzle adventure-style content-based game. When you join, you will be accompanied by two characters, the girl Amelia and the fairy Lulu. From there perform the various tasks that await ahead. Accordingly, there will be many exciting features to explore during the game. The beautifully designed graphics system simulates the vivid environment on the 3D platform. Until the sound effects with gentle background music.

Royal Garden Tales – With Two Characters Redecorating the Garden and Mansion!

The scene opens at a mansion located in a large garden. But this place has been uninhabited for many years, making everything old and dilapidated, visible to the naked eye. Accordingly, you will accompany the girl Amelia and the fairy Lulu in the puzzle adventure. Take on the task of designing and redecorating the garden. Restore the colorful green and bring it to life. At the same time, renovate the equipment of the mansion. Through that process, there is also the opportunity to uncover hidden mysteries.Royal Garden Tales MOD

The gameplay takes place

Perform quests according to the game’s plot. You will be accompanied by two match-3 puzzle characters. Collect the specified items in the corresponding amount. After that, you can proceed to decorate things in turn in the garden and the mansion. Accordingly, each time you complete a puzzle level, you will be able to customize something. With 3 different choices on the same theme the design. For example, after completing the first puzzle level. The system will give 3 types of bonsai with different shapes. You can only choose 1 of 3 types to plant in the designated location. Continue to solve puzzles in the next levels, gradually fulfilling your dream of building a beautiful garden according to your wishes.Game Royal Garden Tales MOD

Various decoration themes

The process of renovating the garden and the mansion in the game Royal Garden Tales at LMHAPKSS. The girl Amelia and the fairy Lulu will have to design many different things. For example, in the garden, it is necessary to redecorate the bonsai, plant flowers, fountains, holiday huts, and bridges. There are many other themes that need to be redesigned and decorated. Depending on your arrangement, select the topics after each puzzle task completion to identify with each other. From there will create a dream garden with a vivid landscape. According to the time of performing the task, will continue to renovate the mansion. For example, decorative colors, door handles, and cladding materials on the walls. Much more will be discovered when participating in the game.Tai Royal Garden Tales MOD

Match-3 puzzle quest by level

Match-3 puzzles to renovate the garden and the mansion. Will go through the levels in ascending order. The gameplay is similar to other match-3 puzzle games. You need to teleport to create a horizontal or vertical combination at each turn. At the same time, you must combine at least 3 types of the same item or more. Here, at each level will be asked for the type of item and the specified quantity. Along with that, the number of puzzles will be limited. You need to collect enough items as required before you run out of puzzles. From there will complete the task and receive the corresponding reward. Then you will choose 1 of 3 things provided on a theme to decorate.Introduce about Royal Garden Tales MOD

Create combos

Every time it comes to the next level, the match-3 puzzle task will be harder than before. It was shown by the increased number of items to collect. Even will have to collect many different types of items. To be able to complete the mission, it is necessary to create special combos. By combining 4 or 5 and even 6 or more similar items. From there can create special items to use in the next turn. Use them to combine with the right item type, creating combos to collect a large number of items in one turn.

MOD APK feature implemented of Royal Garden Tales

  • Lots of Money
  • Unlimited Stars
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Elixir

Take on a match-3 puzzle quest in the game Royal Garden Tales. Opened on a garden and divided into many squares. Here the publisher uses sweet candies with different colors and shapes to conduct puzzles. Includes blue star, purple candy, red candy, orange candy, and yellow triangle candy. There are some other candies that will appear when you reach higher levels for you to discover.

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