Rovercraft MOD Lots of Money APK
Rovercraft MOD APK

Rovercraft MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Rovercraft
Requires Android 4.1
Latest Version1.41.7.141087
MOD Unlimited Money
Price FREE

Rovercraft is an innovative racing game where you can design your own cars and adventure across many planets in the galaxy. Those are thrilling fast-paced races with realistic physics. Join the game, you can participate in an exciting arcade journey, crossing the hills on a distant planet on a car of your own design. You can also compete with friends in many modes and hundreds of challenges every day to feel the endless fun. Show your creativity to design the craziest yet most efficient cars, then try them out on bumpy tracks. There are hundreds of different parts to combine your way. And there are dozens of planetary maps to explore here.

Rovercraft – Design and race cars on distant planets!

If you feel racing games are not enough for you, try Rovercraft now. Because this game is different from the rest in the mobile racing genre. No more smooth highway tracks and luxury racing cars. This game gives you different details for you to freely create and build cars. Besides, your tracks are rough roads on distant planets, like Mars, the moon, and more. And your job is to help astronauts explore every corner of each planet with a delicate vehicle. You also need to show your driving skills to go as far as you can.


Build your own car from various parts

The game has three main modes, including Planets, Challenges, and tournaments. Each mode has its own challenges for you. But if you want to compete with other players around the globe, the league is the place to be. The remaining modes will lead you into the available quest system with endless fun. You need to overcome challenges to unlock new parts and stay creative in car design. In the customization interface, you can see dozens of different parts available. Your job is to touch the parts you want and place them anywhere on your car model. A clever vehicle design will help you conquer off-road challenges with ease. On the contrary, you will be immersed in many collisions if your car’s engine is not good and comprehensive enough.


Enjoy the fast-paced racing

After designing the car, it’s time to test it on a real race track. You can get acquainted with the control mechanism in a short time because it is quite simple and intuitive. Specifically, you need to use the brake and accelerator properly to control the vehicle’s speed. In the middle of the screen, it’s a clock that shows the vehicle’s speed and fuel consumption. Pay attention to this important information for a reasonable racing strategy. For instance, if your car is running low on fuel, try to collect fuel tanks along the way to refill it. Also, in some situations, you need to use “Boost” to accelerate.

The important thing in Rovercraft is how to combine the above operations to safely drive through the craziest terrains. You need to know how to control the speed of the vehicle in different situations. If you encounter a deep hole, it is best to speed up to fly through. On the contrary, if you are about to encounter any obstacles, you are forced to slow down to avoid major collisions. Your vehicle can roll, slide, and more in response to different conditions during travel. If you drive long enough, you’ll have enough experience to take these reactions to heart.


Unlock many unique maps

The game offers 14 different planets to explore. These are Earth, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Uranus, Comets, Pandora, and more. Each map will be designed with theme colors and has its own terrain. Therefore, every time you unlock a new map, you need to change the vehicle design and take some time to get used to the terrain of the map. But it is this that creates the necessary freshness, fueling your racing inspiration.


Colorful cartoon design

With the HD graphics platform, the game has vividly described every detail from vehicles and characters to the context. You can create the craziest cars out of realistic and detailed parts. Moreover, you can enjoy the engine sounds and exciting racing effects on the track. The background is beautifully designed with soft colors. Along with that, the vibrant background music also contributes to an exciting racing experience.

Overall, Rovercraft is both a new and classic racing game. It will be a place for you to be creative as a car builder and designer. You will also play the game like a great racer by participating in crazy races on many distant planets. Enjoy all that after you download and install the game here.

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