Rodeo Stampede 4.2.2 MOD Unlimited Coins, Remove Ads APK
Rodeo Stampede  MOD APK 4.2.2

Rodeo Stampede 4.2.2 MOD Unlimited Coins, Remove Ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 day ago)
Name Rodeo Stampede
Requires Android 4.4+
Publisher Yodo1 Games
Size 178,4MB
Latest Version 4.2.2
MOD Unlimited Coins, No ADS
Category Casual
Price FREE

Rodeo Stampede lets players join the world of animals. Join them on an adventure, discover interesting things in the city. On this journey, you will meet the beasts of other players. It’s great to compete with online players. Each level will have a different destination. Your task is to try to control your animal to go as far as possible. When sitting on them, you have a support device, a rope. Use that rope to control your pet. You cannot sit on the back of an animal for too long. Each species can only sit on its back for a certain amount of time. Take advantage of that time to explore the whole zoo.

Introduce about Rodeo Stampede – Start an adventure with animals!

Rodeo Stampede has seemingly simple gameplay. But actually, it’s not that simple at all. Because no animal likes others to sit on its back. You will have to use your own taming methods. To make the animals listen to you. The animals in this gameplay are quite special. Initially, when they first sit on their back, they will not react at all. Up to a certain period of time. They will frantically run towards their destination. Each species will have a different ability to go far. The choice of pet in each match depends on luck. During this journey the system allows you to change the mount at any time. It’s interesting and extremely attractive, isn’t it? Be careful not to fall. Because when you fall if you do not move in time. Other animals will immediately pick you up.

Rodeo Stampede mod apk

Discover interesting things

Many different places for you to explore. The lands in Rodeo Stampede have one thing in common, they all hinder you. Obstacles have increasing difficulty over time. Journey, the distance you go further. The challenges you need to face more and more. In the game there is an entertainment mode when you feel uncomfortable, too pressured, you can play the game in this mode. The infinite path is what I am talking about. In this mode, you will have no final destination. There are no obstacles or pitfalls along the way. Players can freely sit on their animal’s backs to go everywhere. Discover the best of fun. Completing the assigned tasks you can unlock new lands.

Game Rodeo Stampede mod

Unlock skins

In fact, sitting on the backs of animals is not easy. The first is because not every species you can ride. The second is very ferocious beasts. When you ride on their backs you can be attacked. Coming to Rodeo Stampede we will help you do this easily. Ensure the safety of the main character in the game. The system allows players to customize their character’s costumes. You can change the style of dress for him. With many different types of costumes for players to choose from. Each set has a selling price from low to high depending on its use.

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Taming the animals

To be able to play the game, you will have to tame the animals in Rodeo Stampede. Each species will have its own way of taming. There is no other way but the player needs to learn information, how to tame this animal. The special thing is that you can build your own zoo. At the zoo, you can keep your favorite animals. Sort them into different cells. Every day you feed them and get to know them. The problem is that you will quickly tame all species.

Rodeo Stampede mod apk

Rodeo Stampede gives players a race with the participation of animals. With his rope. Use your own way to control the animals to move the way you want. Overtake all other animals and reach the finish line. Valuable rewards are for no one but you. Join the race, tame the animals right now. Introduce about Rodeo Stampede to accompany wild animals, participate in classic races.

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