Robot Fighting 2 3.0.5 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money APK
Robot Fighting 2 MOD APK 3.0.5

Robot Fighting 2 3.0.5 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Name Robot Fighting 2
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Real Fighting
Size 68MB
Latest Version 3.0.5
MOD Menu, Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

If you love epic robot battles, try playing Robot Fighting 2. It is an action game loved by millions of players around the world. That’s thanks to the fascinating 3D robot battles where you can design your own robots and test them in the arena. The game offers a series of daily challenges for you to explore, conquer and hunt for rewards. Make an effort to defeat other robots and deadly traps, and then seek rewards to improve your robot warrior. Meanwhile, you can also participate in PvP mode, a fiery battlefield with online player encounters. You need to show how effective your creativity is. Use your strongest robot and utilize its skills to defeat other opponents. Are you ready? (The Toan APK

Robot Fighting 2 – War between modern robots!

Robotic design shows and sci-fi movies are the endless inspiration for the formation of Robot Fighting 2. It is built on action gameplay with the theme of robots and war between machines. It is with this modern and interesting idea that the game has attracted a large number of gamers. Join the game, you can become a great designer with amazing robot inventions.

Worried you are not qualified to design robots? This game has everything you need, as long as you have unlimited creativity. It brings many useful tools and materials to the warehouse. Go there to find what you need and create your own way until you create real fighting machines. Then you can test them on the battlefield and gain much-coveted fame.


Design robots and take on challenges

If you already have some ideas in mind, don’t hesitate to start implementing them now. You can go to the warehouse and start looking for pieces to assemble the head, body, legs, wheels, and of course destructive weapons. Alter and combine them your way to create robot warriors. There are many to choose from, such as flamethrowers, magnets, saws, armor, and more. They are useful for turning rudimentary robotic machines into combat tools with incredible damage and defense. Once you’re ready with your creation, it’s time to enter the arena. Besides the daily challenges, you can join the multiplayer arena.

Challenges will lead you to fierce battles with many AI machines. They will make you difficult at each level, requiring your wisdom and progress over time. Besides, the different arena locations also bring many unpredictable dangers. Obstacles like traps, saws, spikes, and more can hurt your robot if hit. Take advantage of available things such as fire extinguishers, wooden crates, and iron barrels… to defend yourself and save yourself. If you have enough experience, the PvP battlefield will be the place to shine. There you can meet and confront top players. Winning the online battle will help you increase experience points, and gain bonuses, and even titles.


Upgrade your robot with customization series

Fortunately, Robot Fighting 2 gives you many cool things to customize your robot. You can’t stay at a level forever while your opponent gets stronger and stronger. Look for better materials to make armor, or improved weapons to increase attack power. Besides, you can unlock new skills for the robot so that it fights like a real warrior. But consider the following factors after upgrading. Those are Armor, Weapon, and Weight. These indicators reflect the robot’s strength in many respects.

The upgrade cannot be done once, you need to do it often. After each battle, you will earn a lot of bonuses. Invest it in unlocking new gear and weapons. You can continuously unlock more advanced things over time, as long as you reach enough levels and have enough money to shop. Moreover, you can also unlock many types of arena maps. Thus, the journey of discovery will be more and more open, bringing endless excitement.


Epic 3D arena

The battles in the game will not be too attractive if it is not designed with 3D graphics. But this game has really done well with high-quality graphic style, providing realistic images and eye-catching combat effects. The machines and robots look lifelike, with smooth movements and impressive skillsets. Moreover, the sound and effects are pretty cool, contributing to the heat of the battle atmosphere.


Don’t hesitate to miss Robot Fighting 2, because it’s a game worth exploring. This game will bring you into the flaming robot battlefield to enjoy unprecedented excitement. There, be creative with your robot designs, and move flexibly to attack and defend. This is your chance to put your name on the leaderboard.

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