Road Warrior 1.6.14 MOD Menu VIP, 1Hit Kill, God Mode, High Speed APK
Road Warrior: Nitro Car Battle MOD APK 1.6.14

Road Warrior 1.6.14 MOD Menu VIP, 1Hit Kill, God Mode, High Speed APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Road Warrior: Nitro Car Battle
Requires Android 8.0
Publisher By Aliens L.L.C
Size 124MB
Latest Version 1.6.14
MOD Menu, One Hit Kill, God Mode, High Speed
Category Action
Price FREE

Enjoy dramatic competition in Road Warrior of LMHAPKSS. The content revolves around the speed race combined with shooting elements. Accordingly, you will control the vehicle moving in the barren desert. Take actions to maintain survivability against other opponents. Use equipped weapons to attack and destroy enemy vehicles. From there pave the way to keep moving forward. The goal is to complete the journey as soon as possible. Win and get rewards based on achievements. This game is in the racing category, which combines action elements. With many interesting features provided by the developer. Promises to open exciting and dramatic races for you to enjoy.

Introduce about Road Warrior – Ready To Join The Shooting Action Race!

Road Warrior is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Unleash intense and intense competitive races across the vast desert. In extreme environmental conditions, a race takes place between machines with additional weapons. Accordingly, you not only compete in speed with other racers. But also shoot survival guns to be able to survive. Following the real-time gameplay that takes place on the tracks, the goal is to overcome treacherous terrains. At the same time attack and destroy the opponent’s vehicles to safely move forward. Complete the race with the lead and in the shortest time. From there, you will win and have the opportunity to receive many valuable rewards.Road Warrior MOD

Story racing mode

Get ready to participate in the races in the game Road Warrior. Through Story mode, races are opened at each level. In each level, an action race with other opponents. From a horizontal perspective control the vehicle moving through the obstacles. Conquer rough, uneven terrain, and shoot to attack. Constantly accelerating to move forward, the goal is far behind the opponent. Successfully finish with the lead to win. From there complete the assigned task in a level.

Performance in each race is judged by the number of stars. Based on the achievements achieved, expressed through the total amount of damage, the number of times to shoot down the opponent. From there will prove your achievements, if done excellently, you can get up to 3 stars. Thereby will receive the bonus with the corresponding amount.Game Road Warrior MOD

The difficulty increases gradually with many changes

Continue to race at a new level of Road Warrior. There will be many factors changed to increase the difficulty of the mission. Accordingly, must compete with other opponents on the road. Shown through their means of improved equipment. At the same time skills and racing experience are enhanced. Moreover, the journey in the desert will be longer than before. The terrain is also changed with a rugged design. Causing the vehicle to lose control or even overturn if it does not operate stably. The above will create difficulties during your competitive driving. It is difficult to reach the finish line fastest and safely to win.Road Warrior MOD APK

Online multiplayer mode

Complete the conditions given in the game Road Warrior. When the requirements are met, the system will unlock the online mode. There are action races with the participation of many players. They are all excellent riders from all over the world. Each person will drive their own car to participate in the dramatic competition. The main aim of the racers is to finish first. From there, show your skills to become a champion. Not only receive attractive rewards but also have the opportunity to rise to the leaderboard.

Vehicle system

Road Warrior game offers a diverse vehicle system. Includes many racing models designed in a dusty style. At the same time, they are equipped with additional weapons and equipment to be able to attack. In particular, they are all cars built with Turbo engines. Examples include monster trucks, high-speed sedans, and powerful SUVs. Each car model has many different options waiting to be discovered. Through the money earned from the race and win. Can be used to buy, or help you own a new car in the next race.Introduce about Road Warrior MOD

The cars in the Road Warrior game can all be equipped with weapons. Those are the guns that are mounted on the shell of the vehicle to attack. For example rifles, machine guns, laser guns,… and many more. Each equipped gun has a superior attack ability. Especially can fire unlimited bullets. Makes it easy to launch an attack on your opponent at any time. But it should be noted, that to own a new weapon will have to unlock it.

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