Retro Hero Mr Kim 6.2.53 MOD Menu VIP, All Free Upgrades APK
Retro Hero Mr Kim: Idle RPG MOD APK 6.2.53

Retro Hero Mr Kim 6.2.53 MOD Menu VIP, All Free Upgrades APK

By Hai Nam April 13, 2024 (23 hours ago)
Name Retro Hero Mr Kim: Idle RPG
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher mafgames (Idle Games, Tycoon Games)
Size 138MB
Latest Version 6.2.53
MOD Menu, All Free Upgrades
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Enjoy a fascinating time in the Retro Hero Mr Kim game. This is a role-playing game. Built-in idle style gameplay. Open the war in the dark dungeon. The content revolves around the attack of the hero Mr Kim. The mission is to destroy all the scary monsters. Based on the game’s plot, a series of unique features are added. Use gold coin items to perform trading operations. Graphics are designed in the form of comics. Helps you feel not bored like other idle games. In parallel with that, the control mechanism is designed very simply. Similar to idle games with similar content. But instead of touching to attack, you just need to upgrade to perform upgrade operations.

Download Retro Hero Mr Kim MOD APK – Dungeon Battle To Kill Monsters

Based on the story of Retro Hero Mr Kim takes place in a dark dungeon. The background of the game opens with the appearance of monsters. Here, you will play as the hero Mr Kim to participate in the battle. A challenging journey awaits ahead. Will face countless dangers, and fierce attacks from enemies. Only fighting and destroying them can protect themselves. Continue to survive to move forward. Only then can the task be completed. Overcome difficult challenges to become a powerful hero. From there, you can prove yourself, as a hero. However, face deadly challenges. Also requires your fighting ability to be able to fight against a large number of enemies.Retro Hero Mr Kim

Gameplay, a variety of monsters

The gameplay of Retro Hero Mr Kim takes place in an idle style. Dungeon battles are played out automatically. The hero using the equipped weapon will automatically attack the monsters. After destroying them will move forward to continue the mission. Defeating dangerous monsters one by one will advance deeper into the dungeon. From there, many unknown mysteries can be discovered. The process of fighting will have to fight many different types of monsters. For example, wolves, wild boars, snakes, goblins, and demons,… There are many other scary species that will appear as you go deeper. Each type of monster possesses a different amount of health, attack, and defense stats. They will attack to take the hero’s life. Prevent the journey so that it is impossible to enter the dark dungeon.Retro Hero Mr Kim

Tap to continuously upgrade

Similar to other idle role-playing games. Retro Hero Mr Kim ‘s game is designed with quite simple gameplay. Instead of tapping repeatedly, the hero attacks the enemy in skirmishes. Now you’ll have to tap to power up. Constantly enhancing combat ability to be able to fight difficult enemies. As can be seen, control skills are not used in this game. Instead, it will require the hero’s ability to attack dangerous monsters. The difficulty of the game also increases after each defeat of a monster. The strength and abilities of the enemies that appear after that will be superior to the former. If the hero’s ability is not enough, his life will be lost. Meaning the mission failed, and could not achieve excellent results.Ear Retro Hero Mr Kim

Collect gold coins to upgrade

After killing the enemies in the dungeon battle at Retro Hero Mr Kim. They will drop a certain amount of gold coins. Through the collection will accumulate a large number of gold coins. From there can be used to upgrade the hero’s power. Including upgrading performance picking, hunting ability, finding lost objects, collecting animal skins, and discovery ability,… Each type of upgrade will cost a certain amount of gold. At the same time, the amount to upgrade for the next time will not stop increasing. You need to be careful to divide the amount of money earned appropriately. To ensure that the hero’s skills are upgraded. From there, it is possible to fight a large number of enemies to explore the dungeon. Complete the quest of a mighty hero.Download Retro Hero Mr Kim

In addition to upgrading the hero’s skills in the battle of Retro Hero Mr Kim. You can also unlock gems. They carry the ability to increase strength to help the hero attack more superior. However, to be able to unlock the gems requires the corresponding level. When the hero reaches a certain level, new gems will be unlocked. But still, need to use gold coins to be able to activate.

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