Red Sword 145 MOD Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Crystals APK
Red Sword MOD APK 145

Red Sword 145 MOD Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Crystals APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Red Sword
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher tatsuki
Size 47MB
Latest Version 145
MOD Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Crystals
Category Action
Price FREE

Red Sword opens dramatic survival battles. The content revolves around the quest to fight monsters to protect the righteous sword. Accordingly, you will play the role of a hero to participate in defensive battles. The goal is to prevent a large number of enemies from violently attacking. Use the power of equipped weapons, combined with skills to attack flexibly. Stop the oncoming hordes of enemies and wipe them all out in the arena. From there will complete the assigned task to continue the mission. Keep coming up with more difficult challenges. You will have to collect a lot of equipment and resources to grow. Aim to strengthen yourself to face more fearsome enemies.

Download Red Sword MOD APK – Fight Monsters To Protect The Sword Of Righteousness

This game belongs to the single-action genre, which can be played in offline mode. With a combination of pixel-style graphics systems. The surroundings, character creation, and monsters are all created by pixels. Bring you a fun and unique experience during the game. Parallel to the graphics is the sound quality expressed through the fun background music. Musical tunes are changed and played throughout the battle. At the same time, the sound also changes based on the hero’s actions.Red Sword

Game mechanics

The control mechanism of the game is simulated by a simple system. Provides easy control when participating in matches. Accordingly, just tap and swipe to move the hero. Based on the automatic attack mechanism, the hero will use the equipped weapon to deal damage. Causes mobs of monsters to lose health and deplete until destroyed. At the same time, when the conditions are met, the hero will automatically activate special skills. Enlarges the weapon in use to a large size, thereby dealing massive damage and massive damage. Can deal with large numbers of terrifying monsters trying to attack the righteous sword.

Quests by game level

Follow the story of Red Sword to perform the quest. Unlock battle levels in ascending order. Each level will be recreated in a different environment. Along with the appearance of crowds of monsters in huge numbers. They attack fiercely and fiercely to aim for the sword of justice. Using weapons and equipment, you have no choice but to attack. Implement learned skills to fend off attacks from enemies. Wipe them out to successfully defend the sword. From there will complete the task at a level and receive the corresponding reward.Tai Red Sword

Reward received

Based on the level of participation and achievement achieved after completing a task. From there will receive treasure chests with different amounts. After opening, there is a chance to receive gold coins, plus the amount of money collected during the battle will accumulate a large amount. Moreover, you can also receive different types of equipment and talismans to enhance your abilities. However, the achievement will be shown through the time it takes to complete your mission. Try to finish the match in the shortest time to get more valuable rewards.

The bigger challenge when reaching new levels

Coming to the next level will face waves of attacks of other types of monsters. The greater challenge will increase the difficulty. Accordingly, there will be many changes, from the environment to the enemy. Face monsters on new levels. Not only is the number larger than before, but the capacity is also improved. Shown through the amount of blood and stamina. Not stopping there, after wiping out normal monsters, you still have to face the boss. With much superior ability, as well as huge size. This makes it difficult for the hero to stop in order to protect the righteous sword.Game Red Sword

To be able to overcome all challenges and protect the righteous sword through each level of Red Sword. It is necessary to strengthen the hero’s fighting ability. Through collecting various items and equipment. Includes weapons, armor, shoes, gloves, amulets, and power charms. Each type of equipment has its own special stats. When used in full will improve the hero’s battle parameters. Including maximum health, attack ability, and movement speed. Range of damage, bonus power when activating special skills, and skill cooldown.

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