Red Hero 4 1.24 MOD Unlock All Chapters APK
Red Hero 4 - red bounce ball 5 MOD APK 1.24

Red Hero 4 1.24 MOD Unlock All Chapters APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 days ago)
Name Red Hero 4 - red bounce ball 5
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherBrain Boost Studio
Latest Version1.24
MOD Unlock All Chapters
Price FREE

Join the adventure of Red Hero 4 in LMHAPKSS. Unleash a level-by-level journey around rolling ball action. Accordingly, you will control the ball hero to overcome the obstacles. Conquer difficult challenges and dangers ahead. The goal is to collect the items and complete the required progress. From there proceed to the finish line to win and complete the assigned task. This game is built with the same content as other Ball Hero games on the market. But there is customization to bring a new and more interesting experience. To increase the attraction for all players to join. Graphics and sound are also designed to be lively. At the same time, it incorporates a realistic physics mechanism that follows the action of the ball rolling.

Red Hero 4 – Ball Hero Control Overcoming Obstacles on the Road!

Take on Red Hero 4 story-driven quests. Unlock more than 50 challenging levels in an action-packed adventure. At each level takes place a journey on a randomly generated map. Accordingly, you will control the ball rolling forward, and jumping to avoid obstacles. As well as overcoming rough terrain to keep moving forward. Simultaneously collect gold coins and stars that appear in different locations. The goal is to reach the destination safely to finish the journey. From there will complete the task at a level and receive the corresponding reward. Then comes the next challenge with many difficulties waiting ahead.Red Hero 4 MOD

Difficulty increases with level

The difficulty of the new level at Red Hero 4 will increase with many changes. The distance to travel from the starting point to the destination is farther than before. As well as the terrain is created with many obstacles to make it difficult for you to overcome. Especially the appearance of stars and coins. They are not easy to collect and, even be hidden in a secret location. This will make it difficult for you to complete the excellent task after reaching the finish line. Not stopping there, sometimes even facing evil cubes. They move over an area, needing to dodge or destroy to continue rolling forward. Besides, the reward received after completing the quest is also increased.Red Hero 4 MOD

Lots of activities going on

The process of controlling the ball-rolling journey at Red Hero 4. There are many activities waiting ahead. Randomly generated obstacles, terrain, and enemies. Sometimes it’s even a puzzle task to figure out how to roll over the obstacle ahead. For example, move objects to the trigger switch, thereby opening a closed door. Or keep your balance on a wooden plank, choosing when to jump over to escape the sharp thorn traps below. Even have to quickly get past the bomb and make sure it’s safe before it explodes. There are many other activities that will be opened to test your skills.Red Hero 4 MOD

Location save point

On the journey through each level of Red Hero 4. The journey will be farther and farther with many obstacles. Make it take you a long time to find a way to pass and collect enough items. Accordingly, when reaching a certain road segment, there will be a flag to save the location. Please roll over to save the stop, if unfortunately, you lose your life when continuing the journey. This time will be revived at the previously saved point, instead of having to start from the starting line.

Achievements are expressed through the number of stars

Achievements at each level of Red Hero 4 are represented by the number of stars. If you can successfully complete an adventure, you can get a maximum of 3 stars. However, the number of stars achieved will have to be based on your rolling ball control journey. Each star appears randomly in different locations. It is even hidden in some secret areas, if not carefully observed, it will be difficult to detect. Try to collect all 3 stars on the way and reach the finish line. From there will complete the challenge with excellent results.Red Hero 4 MOD APK

The content of Red Hero 4 revolves around the activities of the shadow hero. Accordingly, the shadow is shaped with eye and mouth expressions. At the same time, there are many different skins for you to choose from. For example billiard balls, Doraemon,… and many more. Each silhouette hero is sculpted to stand out with color and expression. At the same time based on each activity taking place in the journey. The expression of the shadow will change with each shot. For example, when attacking a demon square, the shadow will recreate an angry expression. Or the happy expression after reaching the finish line.

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