Red Ball 3 1.0.91 MOD Lots of Money APK
Red Ball 3: Jump for Love MOD APK 1.0.91

Red Ball 3 1.0.91 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Red Ball 3: Jump for Love
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher HeroCraft Ltd.
Size 71MB
Latest Version 1.0.91
MOD Unlimited money
Category Action
Price FREE

Red Ball 3 is the 3rd version in the Red Ball game series. With a lot of unique and interesting features waiting for you to discover. So far, the content of this edition is designed to be extremely diverse and in-depth. With interesting puzzles, but accompanied by challenges. Requires you to perform to overcome difficulties. Same as previous versions. The game belongs to the 2D platformer genre with classic mechanics, combining balanced physics. Using a simple control system, easy to use to implement. The content of the game takes place according to an attractive storyline. Revolving around the journey of the red ball. The goal is to overcome all challenges to find and rescue the captured pink ball. A challenging journey awaits ahead. Hurry up to join to start the quest.

Introduce about Red Ball 3 – Accompanying Red Ball to rescue Pink Ball!

The story of Red Ball 3 revolves around the love between red and pink balls. But unfortunately, the pink shadow was kidnapped by an old enemy, the black shadow. There is no choice but to put yourself in danger. A challenging journey will take place. The red ball is determined to overcome all challenges to rescue the love of her life. In the process, the red ball will have to pass through high valleys and verdant forests. Explore mysterious caves and traverse deserts, volcanoes, and more. Each path has its own difficulties, which need to be adapted to match. At the same time, it is necessary to combine intelligence, sensitivity, and reflexes. Move non-stop to find the final path. Complete missions with excellent achievements for a chance to rescue the pink ball.Red Ball 3

With more than 20 levels, the challenge is gradually harder

Based on the plot of the game Red Ball 3. The mission system is organized by levels. With more than 20 different levels provided by the system. Each level opens up a challenging journey. Accompany the red ball to start conquering all difficulties. Go through dangerous terrains, and face obstacles. Safely overcome all difficulties and reach the finish line. From there will complete the task of a level. Achievements are shown by the number of stars, up to 3 stars. You can then continue the quest to a new level. The difficulty of the game will increase from there. Will face more difficult challenges than before. Not only the distance traveled further. More obstacles appear. The environment and terrain are also changed.Red Ball 3

The pitfalls, collect stars

Through the play levels of Red Ball 3. The red ball will have to face countless dangerous challenges. Saw blades swayed, jumping over bottomless pits. Speed ​​gliders, elevators, trolleys, sharp spikes traps,… There are many other deadly traps and obstacles that will appear with each increasing difficulty. In addition to overcoming challenges to reach the finish line. In the process, you will have to perform another task. It is to collect the gold stars. Your achievement is based on the number of stars collected. A level of play will appear 3 stars, collect enough will achieve excellent results. However, each star appears at a different location. Surrounded by deadly dangers. Just a small mistake will cause the ball to explode. That means having to play again, which takes a lot of time.Game Red Ball 3

Test your skills and reflexes

To conquer all challenges, pass the levels of Red Ball 3. You need to have flexible skills during the move. Combine agile reflexes for accurate judgment. Don’t be fooled by the simple art style. Along with the visual minimalism of the game. Because each level is a puzzle that needs to be solved. Deadly obstacles are only part of it. If you want to pass, you need to exercise your brain. As time progresses, complete each level in turn. From there you will draw your own experiences. Constantly improve and hone your skills. Handle situations intelligently to complete puzzles on difficult levels. Gradually will complete the task of rescuing the captured pink ball.Introduce about Red Ball 3

Based on the 2D physics platform of the game Red Ball 3. With a combination of the classic mechanic platformer genre. The control system of the game is optimally designed. Make it easy for all players to join. To move the ball over difficult terrain. Just use the two left and right arrow keys located in the left corner of the screen. Likewise, to jump over valleys, pits, and high terrain. Just touch the round icon on the right corner of the screen to jump. Overall, the control system is quite simple. It’s not too complicated to use, but you need to combine flexibility to be able to overcome any challenge.

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