Red and Blue: Twin Color Ball 1.0.4 MOD God e, Remove Ads APK
Red and Blue: Twin Color Ball MOD APK 1.0.4

Red and Blue: Twin Color Ball 1.0.4 MOD God e, Remove Ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (21 hours ago)
Name Red and Blue: Twin Color Ball
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Mgif Studio
Size 78MB
Latest Version 1.0.4
MOD God Mode, No ADS
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Red and Blue: Twin Color Ball belongs to the puzzle game genre. Unleash an adventure on different levels. With a series of exciting activities waiting for you to discover. Enjoy vivid 3D graphics. Enjoy the interesting story of two balls Red and Blue. Accompany them in the adventure to complete the mission. Aim to leave the maze safely. The game builds on many unique features. You will be able to explore many different and regularly updated maps. The gameplay is simple but brings an addictive experience. Along with a beautiful character system, including Red and Blue balls designed with facial expressions. Incorporating an intuitive control mechanism, allows you to control movement actions with ease.

Introduce about Red and Blue: Twin Color Ball – Accompanying Two Balls to Find the Way Out of the Maze!

The story of Red and Blue: Twin Color Ball revolves around the Red and Blue ball. During a walk in the vast forest. They discovered an ancient pyramid. With curiosity about the context, the environment inside. Red and Blue have stepped in to learn and explore. But the incident happened, in the pyramid-like maze of the matrix. It’s easy to get in, but it’s very difficult to get out. In particular, a lot of traps and deadly obstacles appear. Face complex terrain and dangerous challenges. An adventure to find the way out is unfolding. Join the game, you will be accompanied by two balls Red and Blue. Control them to move to avoid the obstacles. At the same time search to open the door, and safely leave the maze in the pyramid.Game Red and Blue- Twin Color Ball

Gameplay, increasing difficulty

Similar to other puzzle games on the market today. The gameplay of Red and Blue: Twin Color Ball is also played in each level. Each adventure on a level plays out quite interestingly. Your task is to accompany Red and Blue to collect the unique key of each ball. Then open two doors to exit the maze. From there the task will be completed. There is a chance to win gold coins, with the symbol B. The difficulty will increase each time you go to the next level. The distance needed to travel further than before. Especially the number of pitfalls appears more. At the same time, the terrain will be changed, more complicated than in the previous levels. Make the adventure of finding the way out in the pyramid even more difficult.Introduce about Red and Blue- Twin Color Ball

Collect coins and guitar

Over the course of Red and Blue: Twin Color Ball ‘s puzzle levels. You need to control both Red and Blue balls. Collect the gold coins that appear in the adventure. At the same time, collect to accumulate 3 guitars to receive a gift box. When opened will have the opportunity to receive a large number of bonuses. However, it is necessary to keep in mind the possibility of two balls. Red needs to avoid puddles and has the advantage when moving through fire. In contrast, Blue will be in danger when walking through fire but has an advantage when moving through puddles. To complete the mission, achieve excellence in the levels. You need to improve your personal skills. Observe the terrain ahead and flexibly avoid obstacles. Collect the key to safely proceed to the gate.Red and Blue Ears- Twin Color Ball

3D graphics and immersive sound

To recreate an exciting puzzle adventure in Red and Blue: Twin Color Ball. The game has been built on 3D graphics. With vivid, sharp image quality. Bringing a realistic and unique perspective. At the same time, the surrounding environment is reproduced very impressively. Set in a maze, taking place at the pyramid. With the appearance of a lot of dangerous obstacles. Along with the shape of two Red and Blue balls with facial expressions. You can customize your appearance style, through unlocked outfits. In parallel with that, throughout the time takes place in the levels. The background music is funny, bringing a sense of excitement and attraction.Red and Blue- Twin Color Ball

Gold coins are the main currency used in Red and Blue: Twin Color Ball. Through the playing levels, you will collect. Or can accumulate a large number of gold coins by using support tools. Using a magnet will help you attract all the gold coins during the move. It can then be used to trade in the game store. Buy impressive outfits to change up Red and Blue’s looks. Moreover, when playing the wheel of fortune. You also have the opportunity to receive many other interesting rewards.

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