Rebirth Heroes 0.0.31 MOD Lots of Money APK
Rebirth Heroes MOD APK 0.0.31

Rebirth Heroes 0.0.31 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Rebirth Heroes
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher 4season co.,ltd
Size 58MB
Latest Version 0.0.31
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Enter the fantasy world in the game Rebirth Heroes. Unleash a challenging adventure of heroes. Set in a dark dungeon with challenges waiting ahead. Accordingly, you will have to recruit heroes to gather into a group of revenge alliances. Enter the dungeon exploration journey to learn about the secrets. Also, face dangerous enemies in skirmishes. The goal is to gather resources to use to enhance abilities. Through the upgrade operation to improve their fighting power. Aim to overcome difficulties to advance deeper into the dungeon. This game is in the role-playing category of the developer 4season Co.,ltd. With a lot of unique features provided by the system.

Download Rebirth Heroes MOD APK – Lead the League of Heroes to Explore Dungeons

Follow the content of the game to go on a quest to explore the dungeon. Follow the idle gameplay that takes place in the hero’s journey. Play as a guardian to recruit and assemble an alliance group of up to 4 people. Lead them into staged battles. Fight dangerous enemies in turn-based skirmishes. In that process, the heroes will automatically attack with their own skills. Use equipped weapons to deal damage to enemies. From there, constantly collect resources to accumulate, which you can use to upgrade. Aim to improve their strength and create a strong alliance.Rebirth Heroes MOD

Battle in stages

The adventure in the dungeon will be staged. Each stage opens up a fierce battle between the hero alliance and enemy forces. Adopt turn-based gameplay to recreate the skirmish. Each hero or enemy unit will attack in turn when it’s their turn. For example, when it’s the hero’s turn to attack, each player will use their skills and weapons to deal damage to the enemy. On the contrary, when it is the turn of the enemy side, the same happens. The battle will last until the entire force of either faction is completely annihilated. To be able to pass the challenge at a stage requires the hero alliance to defeat all enemies to win.Game Rebirth Heroes MOD

Diverse quest system

Through the dungeon fighting stages of Rebirth Heroes. Will have to perform a lot of different tasks specifically given by the system. For example, pass the first 50 stages, and successfully recruit 5 heroes. Perform level-based killing missions. Kill 100 enemies on the first level, defeat 300 enemies on the second level, and kill all 1000 enemies on the third level. There are many other tasks that will be unlocked by the system after completion. Besides, you can also redo the tasks that have been completed before. After completing each task, you will receive crystals with the corresponding amount.Download Rebirth Heroes MOD

Upgrade items to collect coins

To be able to collect a lot of resources need to upgrade. Through a lot of different categories to perform. Includes touching enemies to get more gold, defeating enemies to get more gold, earning more coins over time, and much more. Through the money earned in previous battles with enemies. You can use it to upgrade the level of items. Thereby increasing the ability to collect quickly with a larger number. However, it should be noted that after each upgrade of an item, the amount to use the next time will increase.

Recruit various heroes

The game offers a diverse hero system. With a lot of different characters for you to recruit. Examples include Randgrid, Cuchulainn, Penthesilea, Hohenhehim, and Achilleus. Much more will be discovered during the battle and deeper into the dungeon. Each hero is prominently shaped in his own style. Expressed through appearance and appearance, along with unique outfits. At the same time, they possess their own fighting skills. The strength of each hero is also evaluated in detail through the parameters. Includes attack, defense, health, attack range, and speed. Besides, it can also be upgraded to enhance the parameters. Improved combat superiority.Tai Rebirth Heroes MOD

Besides recruiting and upgrading items in Rebirth Heroes. You can also purchase iconic symbols to use in battle. For example red, green and blue icons. Each icon will bring its own unique effect during battle. Shown through the hero’s actions when using attack skills. At the same time, each icon when used also increases damage. Helping the hero can deal greater damage to the enemy.

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