Car Real Simulator 2.0.18 MOD Lots of Money, Unlocked APK
Car Real Simulator MOD APK 2.0.18

Car Real Simulator 2.0.18 MOD Lots of Money, Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 day ago)
Name Car Real Simulator
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Cerebellium Apps
Size 174MB
Latest Version 2.0.18
MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Category Racing
Price FREE

Considered one of the best racing games on the market. Real Speed ​​Supercars Drive game promises to bring exciting races. Let you enjoy the real driving feeling. Also, have the opportunity to customize the racing cars in your own style. Take part in speed competitions in the world’s top races. Test your driving skills with other racers. Perform difficult techniques like drift, and parkour to overcome challenges. Finish the race with the best score. Win to become the champion. Through the process of playing, you will discover many interesting features. Have the opportunity to drive many different racing cars. Explore impressive maps with vivid environments. Search for many attractive rewards.

Introduce about Car Real Simulator – Drive In Speed ​​Races!

The racing gameplay of Real Speed ​​Supercars Drive takes place on the open map. Accordingly, you can drive freely on traffic roads. Move to any desired location without restrictions. However, there will be quests to complete the challenge. From there, it is possible to progress further in the game’s mission system. Have the opportunity to discover many new tracks and features. To do that need to rely on your driving skills. Use the control system flexibly. Combine observation of the miniature map and the terrain ahead. Safe driving and stable operation on the road. At the same time continuously improve skills to gain more experience. Use racing techniques to your advantage. Quickly reach the finish line to become the champion of the participating race.Real Speed ​​Supercars Drive

The course of the race

During the race of Real Speed ​​Supercars Drive. You can do a lot of different activities. In addition to stable vehicle operation on the road to ensure a smooth race. It is also possible to incorporate risky techniques to drive. Drift through bends and turns at high speed. Control the operation of the vehicle well to avoid accidents. Drive parkour through obstacles, and tough challenges. Sometimes will have to actively collide with other vehicles. Creates a crash that causes the opponent to lose control. From there, there will be an opportunity to get ahead and get close to the top position. Or use nitro for real-time acceleration. Although nitro can only be used to a limited extent. But using it effectively will help you achieve better results.Game Real Speed ​​Supercars Drive

City map

Based on the diverse map system of Real Speed ​​Supercars Drive. It will definitely help you feel not bored during the experience. Each map is designed with its own environment. Along with unique terrain and different challenges. City map with complex traffic route. Traffic is busy. Requires you to dodge to avoid a collision. Here you can find traffic signs posted by the roadside. Parks, tall buildings, trees, parking lots, highways. Each location is extremely impressively depicted. Make you feel excited when you explore many places. After completing the race, finish the mission. After that, the system will unlock the new map. Continue to receive quests to conquer new challenges.Introduce about Real Speed ​​Supercars Drive

Maps of ports, industrial zones, and terrain

In addition to the city map, there are several other maps in Real Speed ​​Supercars Drive. Race on the port to make spectacular jumps. Pass containers, pass hangars, cranes, and ships. This place can help you race unlimited cars. Perform risky flying stunts to prove your skills. Map of abandoned industrial area. Where the terrain is slippery, creating terrifying wheel slips. Here, you will discover abandoned factories and railroad tracks. Or some terrain such as detours, ramps, shuttles,… Finally, a topographic map with challenging roads. Beaches, sandy roads, bumpy mountains,… As can be seen, each map is designed with its own terrain. That means using the right tools.Tai Real Speed ​​Supercars Drive

Through the garage of the game Real Speed ​​Supercars Drive. You will find a lot of different types of vehicles. They are divided into segments. Also divided into each sample. Including racing cars, sports cars, sedans, off-road vehicles, and SUVs. Each car has an impressive design. Shown through paint colors, and exterior parts. The capabilities of each type of vehicle are shown through parameters. Including power and speed. To own your favorite car. You need to use the accumulated money to buy. The higher the parameters of the cars, the more money is needed to unlock them.

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