Real Drift Car Racing 5.0.8 MOD Lots of Money APK
Real Drift Car Racing Lite MOD APK 5.0.8

Real Drift Car Racing 5.0.8 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (17 hours ago)
Name Real Drift Car Racing Lite
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Real Games srls
Size 51MB
Latest Version 5.0.8
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Racing
Price FREE

Considered one of the most realistic racing titles on mobile devices. Real Drift Car Racing game opens attractive races. The content revolves around the theme of driving a Drift skill. Drift on the complex roads of the game. Also, compete with other racers in real-time. Aim to win every race to become champion. Win exciting rewards, corresponding to achievements. To help every player participating have an engaging Drift racing experience. The supplier has built a realistic 3D graphics system. Along with lively sound effects. Especially have the opportunity to explore many different racing cars. They are simulated in every aspect, recreating the activities that take place on the track.

Introduce about Real Drift Car Racing – Conquer Races with Drift Skills!

Come to Real Drift Car Racing to enjoy the feeling of Drift driving. With more than 12 racing cars provided by the publisher Real Games srls. Each car is designed with an impressive exterior design. Combined with vivid colors, powerful performance. To thoroughly explore the capabilities of each racing car. In addition, check the specifications such as top speed. Control and acceleration time. You also have to drive realistic controls on the track. To own your favorite racing cars. You need to use the money to buy. Through the previous races, win to accumulate bonuses. From there you can unlock the desired vehicle. Over time, unlock each racing car in turn. Gradually will own a rich collection of racing cars.Real Drift Car Racing

Customize and Upgrade

After owning the favorite racing cars in the Real Drift Car Racing game. You can improve power to improve performance. Help the car achieve high efficiency in the next races. The game offers a lot of parts to be able to customize. Upgrade the engine to increase acceleration. Drive System to help the vehicle operate stably. Tires increase friction on the road, easy to control when performing Drift operations. There are many other parts waiting for you to discover. Examples are shock absorbers, car brakes, gearboxes, and turbos. They are not free to use. To change, upgrade the racing car. You need to use the accumulated money to do so. Each custom part will require different amounts.Game Real Drift Car Racing

More than 36 races by level

The gameplay of the Real Drift Car Racing is played in career mode. With more than 36 races designed according to the level of play. Each level opens up a challenging race. Your duty is to drive the Drift skill on the road. Quickly reach the finish line in the shortest possible time. Simultaneously Drift with the farthest possible distance. Through it to get a high score. Win to complete the mission in a race. Then, based on the achievements achieved during the racing process. Including time, and distance traveled by Drift. From there you will get a bonus. The amount will gradually increase in the next races. But you need to make sure the achievement is really outstanding.Real Drift Car Racing

The difficulty, online competition

Complete the Drift race in the Real Drift Car Racing game. Achievements in each race are also shown through medals. In ascending order from bronze, silver, and gold medals. Get the best performance to get a huge amount of bonuses. Then can continue the race to a new level. The difficulty of the game also gradually increased from there. The terrain is changed, and the distance to travel is longer. What’s more, pass career-mode racing tournaments. When you are confident enough about your driving skills. You can also compete with other online racers. They were players from all over the world. Through online mode to compete Drift skills. Find out the ultimate winner in the race.Introduce about Real Drift Car Racing

Through the Drift racing tournaments in Real Drift Car Racing. You will have the opportunity to explore more than 11 different maps. Typically in the big city, on the harbor, in the forest, in the airport, and in the racecourse. There are many other racing maps that will be experienced when participating. Each map is designed with complex terrain, taking place in its own style. To perform the Drift skill on the road. Or when competing with other racers. Knowing the terrain will give you an advantage over your opponents. Know the bends and turns ahead to handle. Drive accurately, and take advantage of the terrain to quickly reach the finish line.

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