Racemasters – Сlash of Сars 1.8.4 MOD Lots of Money APK
Racemasters - Сlash of Сars MOD APK 1.8.4

Racemasters – Сlash of Сars 1.8.4 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (15 hours ago)
Name Racemasters - Сlash of Сars
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Playgendary Limited
Size 148MB
Latest Version 1.8.4
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Arcade
Price FREE

Racemasters – Сlash of Сars gives you great challenges on epic racing tracks. You will drive your car, accelerate to outrun your opponents, and drop rockets at them to be the last survivor. Each track is a hot car fight and full of fun. You don’t need to learn how to drive or complicated attacks. Your job is to touch the screen to use skills and overcome opponents. You yourself can create catastrophic explosions on the track to eliminate opponents from the fight. But do not be subjective with your strength. Upgrade your vehicle, add new skills and show wisdom in action strategy.

Racemasters – Сlash of Сars – Fun action racing battle!

If you’re bored with smooth highway tracks or off-road racing, try Racemasters – Сlash of Сars and immerse yourself in the addictive action racing. It gives you unprecedented fun when you just sit in the car and compete with your opponent. No training is required, you are a professional racer from the very beginning. The battles with explosive effects and vivid sound will make you mesmerized. But they are simpler and friendlier than you think, and you will find joy here instead of anger even if you lose. The game has a lot of cool things to discover in the store. If you are brave enough, explore them all.


Join the campaign with many challenges

The game has a typical mode, which is the campaign mode. It consists of many successive levels with increasing difficulty over time. At each level, your task is to eliminate every opponent on the track or finish the race first. In other words, each of your races is like survival where speed and power are the two key factors. You need to go faster than your opponent to get to the finish line first. But if you can eliminate them all then the winner is of course you even if you haven’t driven to the finish line yet. The battles will be more and more fierce because you will have more opponents and the track is longer. But with that, you can get stronger with many new skills unlocked.

Even though it’s a racing game, you don’t need to learn how to drive. Because the car will automatically move forward on the horizontal screen, and your job is to attack, defend and accelerate. In each race, you can bring up to 5 skills to accompany your car. Each skill will have a certain cooldown, so you need to use them at the right time. Some basic skills include turbo, missile, shield, and more. Turbo is the most important thing, helping you accelerate in a certain time. Meanwhile, the shield will help you protect the vehicle from enemy attacks. And rocket in the form of attack, you need to click on the opponent to select the target before using this skill card.


Unlock vehicles and skills to upgrade

After every race that you win, Racemasters – Сlash of Сars gives you well-deserved rewards. It’s a gift box containing new skill cards and gold coins. You can use gold coins to unlock new cars in the store’s collection of dozens of different cars. You will find cars with super cool looks and modern weapons mounted on the hood. It can be a normal racing car or a police car, truck, and more. You also need to upgrade your car to improve stats such as speed, and acceleration… and gain an advantage in the upcoming race.

Besides, the game has a skill system with up to hundreds of different cards. But you can only bring a maximum of 5 cards to the race, so consider choosing the right cards. Besides the basic skill cards, you also find special cards like rocket rain, drones, spheres, ballistic missiles, and more. These cards will give you an edge over your opponent in each race. But that’s only true when you aim and shoot correctly.


Funny pictures, eye-catching effects

Despite being a dramatic action game, the game remains friendly thanks to its fun cartoon design. The characters in the game look very funny and have many flexible expressions. The cars are super unique with modern looks and realistic engine sounds. In particular, the effects on the track are the best, highlighting each rocket fire, explosion, acceleration, and fierce collision.


In general, Racemasters – Сlash of Сars is a good action game on mobile. It has attracted millions of players to its epic battles with a simple control mechanism. Show your action strategy to conquer every level in the campaign. The game also has an offline shooting racing mode for you to relax wherever you are.

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