Push’em all 1.43 MOD Shopping Without Money APK
Push'em all MOD APK 1.43

Push’em all 1.43 MOD Shopping Without Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Push'em all
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher VOODOO
Size 66MB
Latest Version 1.43
MOD Free Shopping
Category Action
Price FREE

Push’em all is an addictive action game from the publisher Voodoo. It continues to be an immersive experience you can’t miss on your phone. It includes hundreds of different levels with unique challenges. But your task is only one, that is to push the enemy into the pit and conquer the levels. After each challenge, new levels are always waiting for you ahead with crazier battles. You can use better weapons to face dozens of enemies on lava or ice maps. The further you go, the more new things to discover. New skins, new maps, and a new set of obstacles will make you unable to ignore them. Discover them in the game journey and test your agility now.

Introduce about Push’em all – Idle and addictive action gameplay!

Perhaps you have known or played this game because it is so famous on the mobile platform. It has attracted millions of gamers globally with just idle gameplay and simple swipe mechanics. The player’s task is to push the enemy into the hole with a stick. That’s all, but each level is a unique challenge, requiring your agility and intelligence. This is what makes the game attractive. No need to do anything but still feel happy with cute images and funny gameplay. Is this what you are looking for? Hundreds of levels are available to play as long as you pass the previous level. Many unique weapons will support you to conquer this journey.


Push them all down the hole

Each level of the game takes place on the vertical screen of the phone. It is built from creative blocks, colorful stickmen, and different obstacles. Your job is to reach the end or wipe out the enemy stickman along the way. And you will do it by controlling a funny stickman guy with a stick in his hand. He can use sticks to push stickmen of different colors away or even remove them into the abyss. Below is water, tall buildings, or lava. It’s a great place to make enemies unable to return. But be careful, you can also fall down and have to start the game from the starting line. If you win, you will receive rewards and unlock new levels.

The diversity in the context of the game is an impressive highlight. Each level is unique with its innovative map design. But as the level progresses, the challenge will get harder and harder. The crowds of enemies became more crowded, even the appearance of the Boss. They are stronger, bigger, and faster. Therefore, you should be wary of them if you do not want to fail prematurely. Besides, the game map may have many other obstacles that make it difficult for your journey to move. These can be large iron spheres, voids, wormholes, and more. You should be careful in your every step. Moreover, please control the stick reasonably to ensure the safety of the character.


Unlock skins, upgrade weapons

Push’em all knows how to please players with subtle details. Specifically, it brings many unique skins to refresh your character’s appearance, thereby creating a new feeling in the endless journey. You can find skins a mage, an athlete, a racer, and more. Skins do not make the character stronger but with that super funny and fresh look, you will see your stickman seems to become a different person. Moreover, the game context will change flexibly through the levels. Sometimes, you will play on tall buildings, on the vast ocean, and on molten lava land.

To face increasingly fierce challenges, you always need an upgrade for your character. You need new more powerful weapons, not the default horizontal stick like in the first level. You can unlock bigger sticks or a cannon or a spring with good tier strength. Then you can easily reach more enemies from a distance. Better weapons will lead you to victory sooner to quickly unlock all the hottest levels.


Simple and colorful design

The simple design style is characteristic of games from Voodoo, and this game is no exception. It depicts everything with simple, rudimentary but colorful images. The main characters of the game are plump stickmen with funny actions. Moreover, the game scene is always bright and the music is vibrant. These are enough to create fun and relaxation for all players.


Don’t miss Push’em all if you are looking for a fun action game. The game will keep you happy all day with challenging yet easy-to-play levels. Move wisely to push all enemies off the map and move forward. Dozens of attractive rewards are available to you, including skins and powerful weapons.

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