Push Maze Puzzle 1.1.2 MOD Unlimited Gold APK
Push Maze Puzzle MOD APK 1.1.2

Push Maze Puzzle 1.1.2 MOD Unlimited Gold APK

Written by Hai Nam (20 hours ago)
Name Push Maze Puzzle
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher mobirix
Size 22MB
Latest Version 1.1.2
MOD Unlimited Gold
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Do you want to play a simple puzzle game? But it will certainly bring challenges to test the brain. Accordingly, come to Push Maze Puzzle to participate in puzzles. The content revolves around the movement of wooden crates to the specified location. Here you will accompany a worker. Perform tasks in stages with increasing levels. Based on that will bring moments of entertainment, but will require skill and careful calculation. Because even a small mistake will cause the mission to fail. Besides, there are many unique features provided by the system. From the control mechanism to the utility and more to the game modes. Let you freely explore and be completely free.

Push Maze Puzzle – Teleport Objects To Designated Locations!

Here the game designs diverse control mechanisms with 3 different types. They are integrated together in one corner of the screen. Or divided into sections in the corners of the screen. Accordingly to navigate and move the character will be through the arrow keys. With 4 arrows pointing in 4 directions, just tap to do it. Likewise, it is also possible to use support items represented by the featured icons. Next to it are two curved arrows of different sizes. They are used to undo the turn and replay the stage you are in. Overall, the game’s control system is optimally designed for ease of use.Push Maze Puzzle APK

Staged quests and rewards

Take on puzzle quests based on the game’s story. Go through different stages to challenge your skills. At each stage opens a puzzle that teleports wooden crates to the specified location. Accordingly, you will control the character to move on the squares in a frame of its own design. Push each wooden crate in turn to the position marked with X. After completing the work can end the mission. There is also a chance to receive support items when reaching a certain stage. Then comes the next stage.

Here, after each stage is completed, there will be a chance to receive a reward. It is a support item to use when needed during the puzzle process. However, not all levels are accepted. Instead, only when completing a mission at certain stages will there be a chance to receive a random one.Game Push Maze Puzzle

Many changes when coming to a new stage

Follow each new stage of the game Push Maze Puzzle. The challenge of moving objects into the designated location will increase. Accordingly, there are many changes when it comes to the next phase. It’s not just frames designed in distinct shapes. The number of wooden crates that need to be moved will be larger than before. As well as the location of their appearance will change. This makes you have to observe and calculate carefully before proceeding. Otherwise, you will have to admit defeat, which means more time to play again.

The process of performing the task needs to pay attention to how to move objects. If there is no X on the square in the corner of the frame. It is absolutely impossible to move the wooden crate into it. Because this will prevent you from pushing the box to move to another location. Accordingly, it should be known that in order to move the object will have to be pushed. So when the object is close to the terrain, the space will be lost.Ear Push Maze Puzzle

Meet the conditions to receive the maximum number of stars

At each stage that takes place, achievements will be evaluated by the number of stars. Accordingly, you can achieve a maximum of 3 stars if you complete the task excellently. But in order to do that, certain conditions must be met. Here the system will specify the number of moves of the character. If you exceed that number of times, you will lose a star. At the same time, the second star will continue to disappear if it has to be moved too many times to put the entire wooden box in place.Introduce about Push Maze Puzzle

Not only puzzle in stages in the game Push Maze Puzzle. Here you can also compete with other players. Join them on a quest to find the winner. Through the time to move the object to the specified location and the number of moves. Try to outrun your opponents and become the winner to show off your puzzle skills. Not only that, but the game also offers mini-quests. With simple and unique challenges for you to discover. This will bring a fun experience during the game.

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