Pull Him Out 1.8.0 MOD Unlimited Coins APK
Pull Him Out MOD APK 1.8.0

Pull Him Out 1.8.0 MOD Unlimited Coins APK

Written by Hai Nam (22 hours ago)
Name Pull Him Out
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherLion Studios
Latest Version1.8.0
MOD Unlimited Coins
Price FREE

Pull Him Out is a fun and challenging puzzle game. It is the sequel to the game “Save the girl” from the publisher Lion Studios. It has the same gameplay as its predecessor but brings a new context and a unique puzzle system like never before. Your mission is to help an archaeologist overcome challenges to collect treasure. But there is no need to run, jump, or complicated actions, you just need to use your fingers to remove the latches and complete the level. Can you pass hundreds of such challenging levels? The puzzles are getting more and more difficult, requiring your observation and reasoning ability. See how far you can go in this adventure puzzle journey.

Pull Him Out – Fun puzzle journey with idle mechanics!

In the previous part, you completed the mission to rescue the girl. Now you will join a new adventure with a talented archaeologist. He found a map leading to the treasure in the ancient cave. You must help him go through every dungeon and cave in search of treasures and ancient statues while safely returning home. These challenges are designed in the form of puzzles. There are hundreds of puzzles with idle mechanics that are free for you to play. Just by passing a level, you can advance to new challenges and gradually expand your adventure. The further you go, the more new and interesting puzzles the game will have to explore.


Solve funny situations

Each level in the game is a pre-built scenario. In it, you can see your archaeologist, golden pegs, enemies, and treasures of gold coins, diamonds, and more. Your task is to draw the pegs so that the archaeologist finds the treasure while avoiding all dangerous enemies and obstacles. Just use your finger and swipe to remove the latches, that’s it. But the pegs are arranged in a unique way, just one wrong debug, you have to play from the beginning. So think very carefully before withdrawing any peg. Depending on the game screen, the number of pegs to be drawn can be one, two, or more.

As the level progresses, the layout of the obstacles and the placement of the pins becomes more creative. There will be dozens of pegs at some difficulty levels, along with many times more dangerous obstacles and enemies. You can think of the weirdest combinations to get through the level. For example, you would combine water with lava to form rock, so the archaeologist can move through easily. As for zombies, you should put them in contact with an octopus monster. If your challenge is an electrified body of water, you can use soap. Some puzzles in the game don’t follow actual physics theorems. But they will challenge your creativity and imagination.


Unlock skins, build museums

Pull Him Out brings a lot of different skins for you to decorate your archaeologist. It could be an armor costume like a medieval knight, a king’s costume, or a dinosaur cosplay. These skins do not have the effect of increasing health or adding special skills to your character. But use coins to unlock them and you will feel the freshness in your puzzle journey. Besides, accumulate the things you find during the journey to use for the construction of your museum.

After a certain number of levels, you gain access to the museum. Find ways to upgrade and enrich its collection with antiques you find like pyramids, Egyptian statues, mummies, diamonds, and more. You can make it the best place anyone wants to visit to study. That is the true value that an archaeologist is aiming for. Over time, the game context is also getting richer and richer. It’s not just dungeons but maybe caves deep in the ground. Travel far to discover all the ancient landscapes in each place.


Funny and colorful design

The game will delight you with its fun cartoon design. The archeologist looks funny and clumsy. He also comes with super funny expressions after every jump or when he finds valuable antiques. During your journey, you can also meet many new funny characters. The game background is always bright and colorful. Along with light and playful background music, the game offers a relaxing and addictive puzzle experience.


So don’t miss Pull Him Out as you will have the most hilarious puzzle adventure journey ever. Show your wisdom to conquer every level and help the archaeologist go as far as you can. Many cool and interesting things will be revealed in your journey. Moreover, the reward for your victory is a lot of diamonds and gold.

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