Public Transport Simulator 1.4 MOD Lots of Money APK
Public Transport Simulator MOD APK 1.4

Public Transport Simulator 1.4 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 month ago)
Name Public Transport Simulator
Requires Android 4.4
Latest Version1.4
MOD Unlimited Money, No ads
Price FREE

Public Transport Simulator is a long-distance bus driving simulation game. Join the game, you will have the opportunity to become a bus driver with the task of transporting passengers to many places in the city. The game will give you a real driving experience thanks to the intuitive control system and detailed map. You can drive through the roads with realistic traffic signs and signals. Try to obey the rules and ensure safety to the satisfaction of your passengers. Like a real bus driver, you will receive reviews and feedback from passengers. This helps you improve your level to unlock many new missions and get bonuses for shopping and car upgrades. Do you want to try this bus driving experience right away?

Public Transport Simulator – Experience the feeling of a bus driver!

If you are bored with noisy racing games, why not try Public Transport Simulator? The game will help you relax for hours of driving in the vast 3D simulation world. You can explore many unique modes to drive like a real driver or as a racer. There are dozens of different vehicles to drive in the first or third person. Moreover, there is a unique quest system, which leads you to many places and interacts with many unique characters. Besides, the game also has a leaderboard to evaluate bus drivers around the world. Where will you stand on this leaderboard? Driving and competition are what you need to do.


Explore dozens of missions in different modes

Currently, the game has two main modes, including Taxi Driver and Checkpoint Racing. Among them, the first mode is more popular because it includes many realistic missions. In this mode, your task is to learn how to become a bus driver. You will receive requests from customers, then arrive at the right meeting point, pick up customers and drive to the designated place. At the end of a trip, the customer will pay you with a review. If you drive well, ensure safety and fulfill the requirements, customers will give you up to 5 stars. This helps to improve your driver level, from there, you will have more missions to earn more money. These trips also give you the opportunity to explore the many beautiful landscapes in the city.

Meanwhile, in Checkpoint mode, your task is to drive and collect checkpoint points at each level. Here you can drive a variety of vehicles, including sports cars and racing cars. Speed ​​is the top criterion because you always need to complete the number of checkpoints in a certain time. Regardless of the mode, you need to be proficient in driving operations. The parts of the control system are all intuitively displayed on the screen, but it takes practice to get used to them all. Specifically, you will control the car with left and right arrows, accelerator, brake, lights, map, car horn, and more. Use your driving skills to complete your driving missions while obeying traffic rules.


Unlock bus and map

Public Transport Simulator provides more than 48 different vehicles, mainly buses. It is a large bus with many seats, helping you to transport many passengers at the same time. Each car is branded differently, so also has authentic styling, colors, and engine sounds. When you reach a certain level and have enough gold coins, you can unlock many new car models. Besides the bus, the game also has cars, sports cars, and more for many specific missions. Gamers can also upgrade vehicles to improve speed on the track.

Not only cars, but you also have the opportunity to explore many unique places on the map. The huge open world covers many different areas, from the city center to the suburbs. By expanding the map, you can visit more places, meet new customers, and spread your brand of drivers. Moreover, this is an opportunity to explore and admire the beauty of many famous places. High-rise buildings, busy streets, and beautiful night streets will inspire you.


Open world with detailed 3D design

The game is designed on a high-end 3D graphics platform. Thanks to that, it highlights the beauty of the large and detailed open world. Besides, it vividly depicts long-distance buses, cars, and more. So, the feeling of driving in this game is really not much different from real life. Engine sounds, bustling traffic, and car horns are equally real. The first and third-person perspectives will help you enjoy these from many angles.

Public Transport Simulator will satisfy you with its realistic simulation gameplay. Come here and try to be a long-distance bus driver your way. Driving, picking up passengers, and exploring the modern city through the cockpit view is truly amazing. Or you can become a checkpoint hunter and compete with your friends for achievements.

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