[Project : Offroad] 200 MOD Lots of Money APK
[Project : Offroad] MOD APK 200

[Project : Offroad] 200 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (18 hours ago)
Name [Project : Offroad]
Requires Android 5.1
Size 83MB
Latest Version 200
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Price FREE

[Project : Offroad] is a great playground for you to test the feeling of off-road driving. There are no smooth highway tracks or flashy racing cars, this game gives you hundreds of hurdles and challenges while driving big trucks. Large spikes, roadblocks, steps, and more will all become your obsession. With realistic physics driving, you will really have a hard time facing these obstacle-filled roads. But it is a realistic and vivid driving feeling because everything is designed on the basis of 3D graphics. Realistic truck models and their every move can keep you interested. Take on the challenges and prove your driving skills.

[Project : Offroad] – Offroad driving simulator!

Get ready for an unprecedented drive in your life when you join [Project : Offroad]. It is a special driving simulator that is picky but still attracts millions of gamers around the globe. The main characters of the game are heavy trucks with a tonnage of tens of tons. But driving them is easier than ever thanks to the intuitive in-game controls. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to test many super difficult driving skills to overcome obstacles. Not driving on the street as you think, your track is a collection of unique obstacles. See how difficult they will be for you. Even the challenges will become more and more difficult. You have to really be a steady driver if you want to conquer them all.


Explore hundreds of challenging levels

So far, the game has more than 250 different levels with increasing difficulty as you progress. At each level, your task is to drive, overcome obstacles, and score points to pass the screen. The obstacles in each level are randomly placed on the platforms. They can be steps, steep slopes, rough roads, spikes, and more. Driving and passing them seems easy if you drive a car. But in this game, what you drive is 4×4 or 6×6 trucks. With their large and complex bodies, these cars are really hard to master. But with the level system from easy to difficult, it will take you a while to get used to it.

Driving operations are simple by using the icons on the screen. Specifically, in the left corner, a steering wheel is used to navigate the car left and right. Meanwhile, on the right, you will find two accelerators and brake buttons used to control the speed of the car. By combining these actions together, you can drive in all sorts of ways. You can turn left/right or drive downhill/uphill… But for more difficult obstacles like rough roads and steps, your vehicle may tip over while moving. Practice driving skills and experience handling situations like this. Over time, you will go from an amateur driver to an expert off-roader.


Unlock cars and maps

The vehicle system in [Project : Offroad] is not too diverse, but it has enough options for you at each level. The main vehicles in the game are trucks and pickup trucks. But sometimes, you also find some classic car models. Pictures of car models are quite realistic. You can even customize them with paint colors to change the way you look. Moreover, think about upgrading the car to improve the indicators of speed, handling, and balance … Even the smallest improvements can give you an edge in the obstacle course experience.

Besides the car, the game also brings a map system. But in contrast to the vehicle system, the map in the game is quite diverse and highly creative. At each level, you will have a chance to enjoy a new map. It is made up of a random arrangement of obstacles on a dark background. Thanks to that, all obstacles appear clearly and vividly. The change in the map is sometimes not so obvious, but you will definitely feel the freshness in your experience. As for the different maps, you will need to drive in your own way to conquer them.


3D graphics for realistic visuals

Thanks to the 3D graphic design, this game makes a good impression with realistic images. Car models from small to large are described clearly and vividly. From a third-person perspective, you can admire their beauty from head to body, wheels, branding, and more. Every movement of the car is also very smooth, giving a very realistic driving feeling. The engine sound is equally vivid and each model will have its own engine sound.

There seems to be no reason to reject the [Project : Offroad]. It is an attractive driving simulation game with high-end and realistic graphics. Explore the game and enjoy the thrilling and relaxing off-road driving moments. Beautiful truck models and lively engine sounds will make you unable to ignore them.

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