Prisma Photo Editor MOD Premium Unlocked APK
Prisma Photo Editor MOD APK

Prisma Photo Editor MOD Premium Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 month ago)
Name Prisma Photo Editor
Requires Android 8.0
PublisherPrisma Labs
Latest Version4.6.1.617
MOD Premium Unlocked
CategoryPhoto & Video
Price FREE

Prisma Photo Editor is a special photo editing application that should be on your phone. A special feature of this photo editor is a huge collection of effects and filters with more than 500 options. There you will find filters of different styles, especially vintage, filmmaking, and watercolor art. Besides, this application also has the feature of turning portrait photos into animations, helping you keep up with the hottest trends today. Not to mention the set of photo editing features available for you to customize even more. Do not hesitate to download this application to discover more.

Prisma Photo Editor – A free and unique photo editing app!

There are many famous photo editing applications available today, but most of them focus on manual aperture. Therefore, editing photos on these applications often take longer than Prisma Photo Editor. This is a simple, convenient, and highly effective photo editor. Instead of focusing on in-depth photo editing tools, this app has built-in filters and effects to turn photos into works of art. Of course, you don’t need expertise and too much time to do it.


Huge library of filters and effects

Currently, this application has more than 700 different filters and effects. This library is also constantly being updated daily to give you more new ideas. In particular, the filters and effects here are very diverse in style. You’ll easily find patterns with a vintage feel, just like the painting style painted by Picasso, Munch, or even Salvador Dali. Besides, you can also find modern and sci-fi effect styles. The effect of turning portraits into animations is also available here.

It’s really not an exaggeration to consider this photo editor as the biggest store of filters and effects on the Play Store. With this variety of templates, you can turn your photo into any style. Whether you prefer photos with a classic or modern look, just one tap to “apply” right away. Moreover, you also have a variety of filters and new effects suggested daily and weekly. Thanks to that, catching up with world trends is no longer a problem. Let your creativity fly away and create the most satisfying works.


Edit photos with basic tools

After applying filters and effects, your photo already looks professional. But Prisma Photo Editor also provides other photo editing features. Specifically, you can customize brightness, saturation, exposure, contrast, color intensity, and more. These features are basic, but help photos look more alive. In addition, the application also allows you to add drawings, combine multiple filters and effects on the same image, and stitch multiple photos together,…


Change the art background

Just editing the photo is not enough because sometimes your photo has an unsatisfactory background. This application also helps you to select, remove and replace the background quickly. It has beautiful background templates to choose from. You just need to touch the background you like and see the results immediately. In particular, the background applied is very subtle, not rough like many other applications. Moreover, if you know how to combine filters and effects, the background will be more harmonious and lively. Don’t be afraid to change the background to try different styles from classic to trendy.

Save and export photos

After all the customizations, you can quickly save your changes and download the photos to your gallery. Please rest assured of the quality of the photos because the application supports exporting photos with high quality. Image details are preserved without any sign of blur. Furthermore, the effects and filters retain the same color intensity as you see in the editor. As a result, you will immediately have great photos to share on social networks. Let them help you attract more followers!


Easy to use, fast to apply

Accessing and using this photo editor is not difficult. That’s because it removed the advanced manual photo editing features. Instead, filters and effects are available, allowing you to tweak your photos with just a few taps. Once selected, the filters are applied immediately after only about 1 second. The basic customization operations are also very simple. You just need to touch and swipe on the slider to increase/decrease the parameters you want. Therefore, you will save a lot of time spent editing photos on your smartphone.

In short, Prisma Photo Editor is a great photo editor for every user. You don’t need too much expertise and time to turn photos into unique works. With built-in filters and effects, this application helps you to edit photos with just one touch. These filter and effect templates are also very diverse in style and are refreshed regularly.

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