Prime Peaks 35.3 MOD Lots of Money, Unlocked Vehicles APK
Prime Peaks MOD APK 35.3

Prime Peaks 35.3 MOD Lots of Money, Unlocked Vehicles APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Prime Peaks
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Prime Peaks
Size 37MB
Latest Version 35.3
MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked Vehicles
Category Racing
Price FREE

Prime Peaks is a fun and funny off-road racing game on mobile. It allows you to participate in dramatic races on crazy off-road vehicles. You will cross long undulating beaches, dark dungeons, or even roads in the starry sky. Wherever you are, keep your hands on the wheel and control your speed wisely to keep going straight ahead. Your car and its smooth movements will keep you enthralled to play for hours. Engine sounds, crash effects, and the funniest racing moments are really what’s addictive here. Are you ready? Countless races and tournaments have started for you to compete with your friends online.

Introduce about Prime Peaks – Fun and addictive off-road racing gameplay!

If you are bored with smooth 3D racing games, now is the time to renew the experience with Prime Peaks. It doesn’t have a fast track for you, instead, it’s bumpy roads on wild terrains. This is what makes the game different. It doesn’t satisfy your passion for speed, but it does give you a sense of excitement when you conquer tough challenges. Moreover, the game will take you on an exciting adventure. Cross a variety of terrains and landscapes on your off-road vehicle and mark the wheels everywhere. You can do that when participating in campaign mode or major tournaments to compete for achievements with friends.


Drive on the wildest terrains

Forget the highway for now because from now on, the wild mountain terrain will be a challenge for you. You will drive to overcome steep slopes, deep holes, and many other pitfalls on your track. After you pass a level, you can continue your journey with new tracks. The challenge continued to increase as the terrain became more and more unpredictable. But the racing mechanism is somewhat simpler than other games. You do not need to care about whether the vehicle is oriented left or right, forward or backward. What you care about is speed and you will control it with two icons brake and accelerator. Speeding up or slowing down depending on the terrain is your job. Show your judgment to easily overcome unpredictable pitfalls.

Moreover, the game will challenge your flexibility on many different types of tracks. Not only do you race on craggy mountain roads but also underground tunnels. Besides, beach, desert, stadium, and more backgrounds are also available to unlock. Each map will have its own characteristics with a random arrangement of obstacles on the track. So you need the experience to master every situation that comes your way. At the same time, you need the right vehicles to gain an advantage. Large wheeled all-terrain vehicles, cars, bikes, and more are all available for in-store shopping.


Unlock fun cars and racers

When you reach a certain level in Prime Peaks, the game gives you access to the off-road vehicle system. There you will find dozens of great options, from bikes to cars, sports cars, muscle cars, and more. Each type of vehicle has its own parameters of speed, handling, and acceleration… So you can choose different car models to conquer different types of maps. Large vehicles will have good durability to cross steep slopes and deep pits in dungeons. But the small bikes will be convenient to cross the bumpy roads on the beach or desert.

Besides, you can upgrade your car by improving its level over time. Don’t forget to unlock super funny riders to accompany you on every road. The game has quite a few unique characters to unlock, like a bat, a duck, a real athlete, or a motorcycle rider… Each character has its own beauty and can be customized with a hairstyle, clothes, and more. Unlock them to renew your experience, thereby feeling more excited in each race.


2D design, friendly image

The game will keep you interested with its fun cartoon design. The images in the game all look very simple but friendly and create a feeling of closeness. The off-road vehicles are also very realistic in both look and engine sound. You will see them as real warriors as you drive them on the toughest tracks. The effects of wheel collisions with the track, smoke effects, explosions, and more are extremely vivid.


So, will Prime Peaks satisfy you? Introduce about the game to your phone and try it now to find out. This is your chance to participate in the most fun off-road races. Drive many super cool cars with funny drivers and discover what’s on unique tracks, why not?

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