Pou 1.4.118 MOD Unlimited Coins APK
Pou MOD APK 1.4.118

Pou 1.4.118 MOD Unlimited Coins APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name Pou
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Zakeh
Size 22MB
Latest Version 1.4.118
MOD Unlimited Coins
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Pou is a virtual pet game on the phone. Your virtual character is named Pou, an alien creature shaped like a potato. Like other similar games like Talking Tom, you can feed, drink, dress Pou and play fun minigames. Those are wonderful moments of relaxation that you cannot miss. You will create beautiful memories for yourself. Enjoy the fun mini-games to hunt for bonuses and attractive gifts. Bonuses will help you unlock dozens of different types of items to decorate your character. You can turn it into a bee, a frog, an old man, a mischievous boy, and more. Choose the style you like and make Pou stand out to attract the attention of your friends around.

Pou – Enjoy the fun with your virtual pet!

Have you ever thought about having a virtual pet? This is not so new anymore, but Pou is a new and exciting experience. It has attracted more than 500 million players on Android phones and now it’s for you. You can learn how to be a real nanny for your pet. Just download the game to your computer and enjoy the good times with your virtual friend. You can visit it every day as it is available on your handheld device. Make your breaks meaningful with a range of exciting activities. Play with your pet, design it, connect with friends, talk to Pou and listen back… What could be better than this?


Take care of the pet

Your pet is Pou, an extremely lovable creature. Although it is not a dog or a cat, it also needs to meet all of its needs to grow and develop. You need to feed it on time, and at the same time, you can design costumes and hygiene for it. Pou’s main food is Hamburger, Pizza, cake, fruit, and more. But it likes sweetness above all else. When overeating, your virtual pet will also become as obese as a real person. At that time, you also need to give it magic drugs to burn fat. There are a number of other types of water that also help increase energy or stimulate the need to eat. But the best way to lose weight is to let your pet be active regularly in different games. Play the game to both improve your weight and earn bonuses.

Besides, we can’t miss decorating our pets. There are many different types of items in the game store for you to unleash your creativity. You can change skin color and choose a hairstyle, hat style, beard, glasses, shape, and outfit for the character. Your pet can be a potato, an adorable golden bee, a girl, a frog, or whatever you like. It will look super fun in any shape. But pay attention to the color of its skin or coat. You will need to take your pet to the bathroom to help clean it up if its skin is dirty.


Take part in fun activities

Pou brings a lot of interesting minigames that you and your pet cannot miss. You can play obstacle course, jigsaw, racing, basketball, beach volleyball, soccer, and more. Each game has its own rules that you need to know in order to play well and earn home rewards. These games also lead you and Pou to various locations. Sometimes the beach, the sky, the grass, the city, the desert, and more. Enjoy the colorful landscapes in every part of your journey.

Besides, don’t miss the opportunity to connect with friends. Your virtual character also wants to be friends with other Pou characters to join the game. Some games will allow multiple players to play at the same time. It’s time to enjoy games with friends and create funny moments. In addition, the game also has many other interesting features, such as laboratory tasks, voice repeat…


Simple but impressive design

Images in the game are depicted in a simple cartoon style. Your character looks extremely cute and has a lot of flexible expressions. The game background is always bright with colorful colors and stunning landscapes. Details such as houses, football fields, beaches, sky… are lifelike. So it’s like a real animated world brought to the phone. Music is always fun, inspiring everyone to play, especially children.


So, if you love raising virtual pets, Pou is a game not to be missed. Introduce about the game, design your pet and enjoy hours of entertainment with it. You can play lots of fun outdoor activities, decorate your characters with clothes, and watch your pet’s super funny expressions. Don’t hesitate, it’s time to relax with the loveliest.

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