Portal Wars 1.2.13 MOD Unlocked APK
Portal Wars MOD APK 1.2.13

Portal Wars 1.2.13 MOD Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Name Portal Wars
Requires Android 8.0
Publisher Reality MagiQ, Inc.
Size 155MB
Latest Version 1.2.13
MOD Unlocked
Category Action
Price FREE

Portal Wars is a battle royale-style action game. Role-play as a hero to join the adventure. Your mission is to survive for a certain amount of time on a randomly generated map. Or fight with other enemies to survive. This game is a combination of action and exploration elements. Open up the difficult challenges that await ahead. When participating will have to follow different rules in the adventure. At the same time have to perform a lot of tasks with specific conditions. Here the context opens in a dark dungeon, limited to the range of movement over time. Can you successfully complete the missions? Everything will have to rely on skill and experience.

Portal Wars – Become a Hero To Explore Dungeons!

Follow the open gameplay revolving around the adventure to explore the dungeon. Based on an intuitively designed control mechanism. You can use it easily as soon as you join. Even a new player can get used to it quickly. Because just one finger can control the character to perform actions. Through the joystick virtual feature navigate and move. Just tap and rotate in the directions. Besides, based on the automatic attack mechanism. Heroes will use weapons to attack enemies at a certain range. From there, deal damage to make their health decrease and lose their life.Portal Wars

Daily login tasks

Based on the game’s Login quest opens every day. Every day there is an adventure in the dark dungeon. Gives different conditions that need to be complied with. At the same time, receive attractive rewards after completing. According to the gameplay mechanism in every day, you will have to fight many other enemies. There is no support from any alliance. It will be up to you to go on an adventure to uncover the secrets. Also, have the opportunity to find and collect valuable treasure chests. The goal is to beat the other opponents to become the last one standing. From there will win and complete the mission in one day.

The difficulty will increase when it comes to the next day’s quest. The enemy’s combat ability is improved. Also, the terrain in the dungeon is randomly generated. Open up other challenging paths to face. But there is also a chance to collect many chests. Furthermore, the value of the received reward will increase.Game Portal Wars

Diverse quest system

Portal Wars ‘s mission system is very diverse. Through the dungeon, adventures unfold day by day. From there will have to do daily, and weekly quests and achievements. Each mission will give specific conditions. Upon completion, you will receive additional rewards. For example, in the daily quest, there are requirements such as collecting all 20 chests of all kinds. Find 3 premium chests, remove or unload any equipment, and open 10 chests. Moreover, possessing magical items to equip the character. There are many other missions waiting for you to discover.

Achievement quests and by week

In addition to the daily quests, there are also weekly quests and achievements. In the achievement task, there are more challenging requirements. For example, owning a hero reaching level 10, through the battle to kill 50 enemies. Log in 10 times, get 1st place in a match, and get a weapon with 5 enhancements. More will be unlocked one after another after completion. Likewise, weekly tasks also have their own conditions that need to be fulfilled.Thai Portal Wars

Hero system

Here you can choose to play as one of 4 different heroes. They are warriors who possess the ability to attack in their own way. Includes balance, high damage, melee, and ranged. Each hero is impressively shaped, expressed through appearance and appearance. As well as unique costumes designed by the system. Their strength can also be detailed through the stats. Includes health, attack, defense, attack speed, range, movement, and critical rate. Each stat is very important, depending on the hero will have a unique outstanding stat.Introduce about Portal Wars

After impersonating a hero that suits your playstyle in Portal Wars. It is possible to develop combat ability by equipping items. Includes weapons, armor, gloves, boots, and hats. Each piece of equipment has many different options. The difference is not only in design but also in the index. Moreover, you can also upgrade equipment to enhance the stats of each item. Thereby helping the hero increase his superior combat ability.

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