Plants vs Zombies Heroes 1.50.2 MOD Unlimited Sun APK
Plants vs Zombies Heroes MOD APK 1.50.2

Plants vs Zombies Heroes 1.50.2 MOD Unlimited Sun APK

By Hai Nam April 16, 2024 (5 days ago)
Name Plants vs Zombies Heroes
Requires Android 4.4
Size 60MB
Latest Version 1.50.2
MOD Unlimited Sun
Category Strategy
Price FREE

Plants vs Zombies Heroes is a strategy game. Unlocks zombies and plants. Follow the card game to recruit characters to fight the enemy. Here you can choose to accompany zombies or plants. From there, recruit them and position them to create an effective attack strategy. Aim to destroy the enemy side in the battle that takes place in the garden. Even more interesting when you can participate in PvP battles with other players. Join them in deploying an attack strategy between plants and zombies. Open a fierce battle to find the winner. To increase the experience for all players when coming to the game. A variety of unique features are offered.

Introduce about Plants vs Zombies Heroes – The Battle Between Plants And Zombies In The Garden!

The battles between plants and zombies will take place in a garden. Choose a zombie or plant side to start the fight. Each match will be played on a turn-by-turn basis. With different operations performed in turn during combat. Each faction will have a maximum of 20 lives, represented by the heart icon. Accordingly, the number of lives will decrease after each attack. Depending on the defeated enemy will lose the corresponding number of lives. The fight only stops when one of the two factions loses all of their hearts. Then will end the match and find out the winning side. To be able to defeat the opponent in the garden, you need to have an effective attack strategy.Plants vs Zombies Heroes

Gameplay by 4 activities

The process of the battle between the zombies and the plants will revolve around 4 different activities. Simultaneously will take place in a sequence. If you choose the plant side to fight the zombies. Then it will start from the Zombie turn, then the Plant turn, then Zombie turn to use tricks, and finally Fight. In each turn will be opened different activities. Zombie and Plant’s turn will recruit forces and arrange positions in the garden. After the turn of the Fight, there will be a war, in turn, each force of each faction will attack the enemy. If a force is destroyed, that faction’s number of hearts will decrease accordingly. Repeat this until one of the two factions loses all their hearts. From there, the game will end and the winner will be found.Game Plants vs Zombies Heroes

Plant and Zombie hero cards

Zombies and Plants in the game Plants vs Zombies Heroes are represented by cards. Accordingly, there are many different hero cards for you to discover. For Plant heroes are planted. Examples include Peashooter, Snow Pea, Repeater, Threepeater, Torchwood, and Cappage-put. There is much more you will learn when participating in the game. Each type of Plant has its own special ability. Expressed through the style of attacking the enemy. For example, Peashooter shoots a bullet, and Threepeater has the ability to fire 3 bullets at the same time. Or Torchwood can create fireballs when combined with Plants that can shoot bullets.

The Zombie heroes in the game are also very diverse. All are inspired by the game Plants vs Zombies. These include zombies, zombie flags, backup dancers,… and many more. Similar to Plants, Zombies have their own special abilities. However, the Zombie force during the battle will not move. They will emerge from the ground and attack from a distance.Tai Plants vs Zombies Heroes

Use solar or brain power

To be able to recruit a Plant in the war against zombies. You need to use solar energy to make it. They are spawned after the end of a battle turn. Depending on the number and type of zombies killed, the corresponding amount of energy will be collected. From there, it can be used to recruit Plants in the next turn. However, it should be noted, each Plant will require solar energy in different amounts. Similarly, if you want to recruit Zombies in matches with Plant. Instead of using solar energy, you will use your brain to conduct recruiting.Introduce about Plants vs Zombies Heroes

As introduced earlier at the beginning of the game Plants vs Zombies Heroes. The game also has an online PvP mode. Allows you to compete with real players. Compete with them in skill and strategy in a dramatic match. Recruit Plant or Zombie forces and arrange positions in the garden. Create an effective strategy to attack the opposing force when it is your turn to fight. The goal is to take away all of your opponent’s heart symbols to win. From there end the game and have the opportunity to rise to the rankings.

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