Plant Empires 1.2.7 MOD Menu VIP, Immortality, Mana, ESP, Monsters That Don’t Attack APK
Plant Empires MOD APK 1.2.7

Plant Empires 1.2.7 MOD Menu VIP, Immortality, Mana, ESP, Monsters That Don’t Attack APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 days ago)
Name Plant Empires
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Rofi
Size 52MB
Latest Version 1.2.7
MOD Menu, Immortality, Mana, ESP, Monsters That Don't Attack
Category Strategy
Price FREE

Plant Empires is a perfect combination of defense, role-playing, and strategy genres. It is built on the popular Plant vs Zombies series. But it possesses many new features in both gameplay, characters, and graphics. Join the game, you will lead the legion of vegetables and fruits against the hideous zombies. Your job is to form groups of plants with many different heroes and control them on the battlefield. Attractive battles with eye-catching effects will make you mesmerized. What’s more, for the first time in a zombie shooting game like this, you can play and compete with your friends online. In particular, the game has a massive reward system available for worthy gamers.

Plant Empires – The never-ending war with zombies!

This game is built with a context that is not too new but very specific. It is about the post-apocalyptic world where zombies are everywhere after a crazy experiment. Now you need to assemble the strongest warriors to fight the walking dead once and for all. Those warriors are fun plants that possess unique and varied skill sets. The core of the game is the battle with idle mechanics. But it is an endless journey with an irresistible attraction for any player. The challenges will get harder and harder as the zombies get wiser. They want to steal your brain, don’t hesitate to upgrade and defeat them.


Idle strategic battles

This game has two main modes, including PvE and PvP. In the first mode, the game offers hundreds of levels with increasing difficulty over time. You will go through an endless battle journey to progress, upgrade and unlock new heroes to fill your collection. Meanwhile, in PvP mode, you can compete with global online players. It is a place for you to show off your best strategy to win, climb ranks and reach the top of the online leaderboard. The higher the rank, the bigger the bonus. But not only that, but this game also has limited-time events and daily events like Boss Fight, Top Race, and more.

Whichever mode you choose, the core of the game is the battle against zombies. You need to choose heroes to form a squad before going to war. After that, you just need to click the corresponding cards to help the heroes deploy their skills on the target. You can also manually select a target to prioritize nearby zombies. Note that each skill of each hero will take a period of time to recover mana (Mana APK. In the meantime, you can use skills from other heroes or just attack with normal shots. As can be seen, the strategic element is clearly shown here, in the way you arrange the squad and how to choose goals and skills.


Explore a unique botanical collection

What makes Plant Empires ‘s real appeal are the plant heroes. You can find in the game store a wide range of heroes, from a guy with radishes, purple potatoes, mushrooms, and tomatoes to watermelons, cacti, trees, sunflowers, and more. Each hero will own a certain number of stars representing the rarity. Besides, heroes can be upgraded to improve specific stats such as Attack, Defense, Attack Speed, ​​and Mana. In addition, by leveling up your hero, you will help improve HP and unlock new skills, including Active and Passive skills.

To unlock and upgrade heroes, you need to accumulate enough gold coins and gems. The hero system is also divided into typical classes such as Gunner, Warrior, Support, and more. So each plant hero in the game holds a certain role in the squad. Gunners do the most damage, while warriors are usually the vanguard and Support has the ability to heal allies. Your job is to get to know each hero well and find ways to make the most of their abilities.


Fun design, eye-catching effects

Compared to Plant vs Zombies, this game possesses a more modern graphic style. It offers creative plant heroes with fun looks and impressive skill moves. The battles are also embellished with eye-catching combat effects and bright, bustling scenes. The location of the battlefield will also change flexibly through the levels, providing the freshness needed to keep you in the long term. Background music and funny voiceovers are also factors that contribute to the attraction of each fight.

So, if you love Plant Empires, download this game right away to your phone and explore it now. This is the place where you can collect funny plant warriors and fight off zombies. A familiar yet new and innovative war campaign like this will leave you spellbound. Moreover, do not miss the battles with online gamers to improve your ranking.

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