PK XD 1.49.5 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, gems, houses unlocked APK
PK XD MOD APK 1.49.5

PK XD 1.49.5 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, gems, houses unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 day ago)
Name PK XD
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Afterverse Games
Size 377MB
Latest Version 1.49.5
MOD Menu, Unlimited money, gems, houses unlocked
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Welcome to PK XD – a virtual world with the participation of millions of players. This game gives you a large and colorful experience space. There, you have the right to express your personality through your clothes, the way you talk, interact with friends, and more. There are dozens of fun activities that can’t be missed here. It could be designing houses, exploring parks, raising pets, playing minigames, and more. There are no limits so you can choose the activity you like and enjoy it in your own way. Moreover, you will never be alone!

PK XD – Virtual world with lots of exciting activities!

Ever thought of building your own life in a multiplayer virtual world? PK XD is the place for you to do this. The game has a huge community with more than 100 million players worldwide. You can meet and interact with them as soon as you set foot in the game world. This game not only emphasizes the social element but also gives you your own personal space. You have the freedom to choose your career, style, design, and more. So come here and leave your own mark in the game world. Many interesting things are waiting for you to discover.


Start with choosing and creating a character to represent yourself

Before entering the game, you will start with choosing and creating your avatar. The game offers a variety of options, allowing you to choose gender, face type, hairstyle, pants, tops, accessories, etc. You can freely combine unique items to create the style you like. In particular, there are quite a few skin types for you to cosplay many characters such as unicorns, dragons, witches, zombies, famous artists, and many more. You can also add wings, weapons, and armor to look like a Roman warrior.


Build your personal life

This is where you can build your own life. When you have just entered the game world, you will receive a small house somewhere on the map. You should find it as soon as possible to quickly start building and designing. What do you want your home to look like? It should have a garage, bedroom, dining room, living room, table, chairs, decorations, paintings, and more. You have the power to choose things and arrange them in your own way. And you will have a wonderful home that bears your name in this vast virtual world.

Besides, choose for yourself a favorite job in PK XD. You can be anyone like an astronaut, scientist, chef, celebrity, vlogger, mechanic… Everyone has the right to choose how they live through their profession. Each job has its own advantages. You will work with cars if you become a mechanic, fly planes if you become a pilot, or cook all day if you want to become a professional chef. No pressure at all, enjoy your work.


Explore the world

There are many interesting things that you should discover when entering the game world. The most popular activities include the following:

Play minigames: At the game center you will find a series of minigames that are fun and completely free. It can be running, obstacle course, delivery, snowman… Challenge your friends to join them in these minigames and earn more coins.

Pets: If you love animals, why not try unlocking an adorable pet? This game has a bunch of unique pets like dogs, cats, pigs, and more. In particular, you can combine two pets to create a new amazing pet. Attention, you need to take care of your pet if you want to see its adult form.

Outstanding events: The game regularly organizes events weekly, monthly, or on festive occasions of the year (Halloween, Christmas, Children’s Day, game birthday party, Easter APK. Events often come with a series of new activities and exciting rewards.


3D graphics with fun cartoon design

The virtual world of the game is built entirely with 3D graphics. Thanks to that, it depicts everything very vividly, bringing a sense of immersion and close exploration. Character images and other details are described in a cartoon style. Moreover, the experience scene is always bright, colorful, and bustling. The game also has many different areas with large constructions. It is this that will stimulate your adventurous spirit.

MOD APK feature implemented of PK XD

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • Unlimited gems
  • houses unlocked

Introduce about PK XD here to immerse yourself in the vast and fun virtual world with other players. This game has everything you need to enjoy a good time all day. You can design your home, play minigames, pet, study, entertain, go for a walk, travel, and more. Don’t hesitate to join all the activities and connect with friends.

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