PIXEL BLADE M 9.4.7 MOD  Menu VIP, Immortality, Gold Injection, Free Upgrade APK

PIXEL BLADE M 9.4.7 MOD Menu VIP, Immortality, Gold Injection, Free Upgrade APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher PixelStar Games
Size 71MB
Latest Version 9.4.7
MOD Menu, Immortality, Gold Injection, Free Upgrade
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Get ready for the battle against zombies in the game PIXEL BLADE M. This is an action game with role-playing elements. When participating you will become a hero to enter the battle. The mission is to stop the waves of attacks from zombies to survive. The goal is to wipe them all out in the arena to win. From there will complete the assigned task to continue the journey. The content of the game is played according to a simple story. Stand in front of the raging waves of monsters coming from the dungeon. I am a hero entrusted with the mission to protect the world. You will have to fight fearsome enemies to restore the world. Keep people safe and bring peace.

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The control mechanism of the game is designed in an intuitive way. Displays different icons to perform attacks, move and use items. Follow that to navigate and move the character during combat. You have to touch the joystick icon and rotate according to the obstacles. Besides, use the sword icon to physically attack the enemy. Or use symbols such as arrows, flames, and earthquakes to perform special skills. The shoe icon when used will increase the running speed faster. The red potion is used to restore lost health. Some other icons will be unlocked when reaching a certain level. You will find out more details when you join.PIXEL BLADE M

Graphics and sound

The scene unfolds in a vast pixel world, made up of pixels. With a combination of 2D graphics to simulate the landscape and surroundings. Accordingly, you will have to fight zombies in many different areas. For example in the dark dungeon, on the vacant land in the town, and in some other locations. Here the character is shaped in a cubic pixel style. Along with the flexible movement when using actions and skills to attack. At the same time, the effects are reproduced very vividly, shown through special moves.

Parallel to the game’s graphics is the vivid sound quality. Following the battle will recreate the fun background music. The sound mix is ​​changed from scene to scene. For example, when the character uses skills and weapons to attack monsters. At this time, the sound will be changed to match the activity taking place.Game PIXEL BLADE M

Quest System

Role-play as a hero to carry out the mission at PIXEL BLADE M. Through the mission system in stages. At each stage, wars against zombies are opened in waves of attacks. Use equipped weapons and perform special attack skills. Combine flexibly to deal damage, to destroy all enemies. Pass each wave of attacks in turn until you wipe out all the zombies in the arena. From there will win to finish the mission at a stage.


The rewards received after winning will be very valuable. Includes gold coins with corresponding amounts, new weapons, and experience points. Each type of reward is used for different activities. For example, gold coins are used to buy healing items. Get new equipable weapons to enhance your combat abilities. Or the experience points accumulated when meeting the conditions will increase to a new level.Tai PIXEL BLADE M

Quests get harder when you get to the new stage

Come to the next stage to carry out the mission to protect the world. The difficulty will increase with a great challenge from the zombies. Their attack wave will be more than before. Each wave will increase the number of enemies and appear more types of zombies with superior abilities. The difference between them is shown by the size and amount of blood. Not stopping there, go through stages when reaching certain levels. At this time, you also have to face zombie bosses with greater strength. Putting the hero in danger, even losing his life and unable to complete the assigned mission.Download PIXEL BLADE M

The hero’s fighting ability in PIXEL BLADE M is shown through the stats. Including strength, damage, defense, attack speed, skill cooldown, health, attack rate and many others. Accordingly, it is possible to increase the hero’s combat power by equipping a sword with a superior index. As well as reaching higher levels after going through battles to gain experience. It is also possible to customize the hero’s appearance through the head and costumes. But these two customizations need to be unlocked to be able to choose from different designs.

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