Pirate Evolution! 0.27.0 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, Speed APK
Pirate Evolution! MOD APK 0.27.0

Pirate Evolution! 0.27.0 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, Speed APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name Pirate Evolution!
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Gram Games Limited
Size 90MB
Latest Version 0.27.0
MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, Speed
Category Casual
Price FREE

Pirate Evolution! is a fun puzzle game inspired by the pirate theme. Join the game, you will have the opportunity to adventure through many islands, hunt for treasure, and fight to become the ruler of the sea. Drive your boat everywhere, upgrading it over time with your puzzle skills. You will merge two similar items to create more advanced items. They will become a useful resource for upgrading ships, making weapons, and more. Did you know the sea is where the treasure is hidden? This is the time to explore it and find the answer. Don’t stop anywhere, you can develop a powerful pirate crew to overcome all challenges. This adventurous journey will take you everywhere, going from amateur to becoming a true pirate. Are you ready?

Pirate Evolution! – Explore the seas and build a pirate empire!

Pirate and pirate themes have always been fertile ground for publishers of mining games, and Pirate Evolution! is one of the products from there. This game will appeal to you for a long time thanks to its unique features. It depicts the pirate theme vividly and friendly, different from what you know about pirates. The game context is of course a large, blue sea. It consists of many different islands with infinite and precious resources. Besides, unlike role-playing games, the gameplay of this game is quite simple. Simply swipe and tap across the screen to puzzle, interact, and adventure. The puzzle element is also a part of the creativity that makes the game new. It will help you relax with soft, joyful music.


Search for resources and treasures

Don’t miss the trip to find the treasure that is rightfully yours. You will travel by a wooden boat through all regions, stopping at islands and collecting resources. Initially, you will need to collect wood to repair the boat. Next, sail your boat to the neighboring islands, harvesting timber, gold, gems, and valuable reward chests. You will need help from other pirates. Hire stray islanders and turn them into hard-working and talented workers. They can help you cut down trees for wood, dig for gold, stones, and more. After mining, you just need to match two similar items to collect and upgrade resources.

Each island will be a destination for you to find what you need. Not only precious stones and gold but also many other things are hidden somewhere in the middle of the sea. You can find the necessary materials to craft weapons and upgrade boats. Turn your poor little wooden boat into a sturdy boat with your pirate flag bearing your signature. Moreover, you cannot stay out of sea battles. You will probably need a lot of large cannons to fight the opponents around.


Fight and dominate the islands

Wars are characteristic of pirate games, and Pirate Evolution! s are no exception. You need to be ready with your weapons to confront the boats from small to large. Swipe to move your boat wisely and dodge attacks from your opponents. Meanwhile, your boat will automatically attack as long as the opponent is within its damage range. Therefore, if you want to gain an advantage, the control of the boat is very important. Besides the weak boats, you can also encounter other pirates, which are real players. Be careful, they have their own strategies and intrigues.

Moreover, from time to time, you need to find ways to upgrade your boat, in order to improve defense and attack. You will need a larger and stronger boat, plus large cannons. To do that, you will need a lot of resources. Therefore, resource extraction and combat go hand in hand. In addition to the hours of sea battles, do not miss the trips to explore new islands. There, you will find new pirates to recruit, new resources to accumulate, and many mysteries to uncover.


Simple and elegant design

Although it is a game about pirates, you will find this game to be more friendly than you think. It depicts images in a simple, colorful cartoon style. Boats, islands, resources… are for illustrative purposes only. However, everything appears sharp on the screen. The boat movements on the sea, the puzzle, and the combat effects are also very smooth and eye-catching.


Overall, if you love a simple pirate theme, give Pirate Evolution! a try. It does not require you too many manipulations and strategies, instead, relaxation comes first. Join the game and immerse yourself in adventures across the ocean. Prove yourself to be the ruler of the seas by fighting, crafting, and more.

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