Photomath 8.37.0 MOD Unlocked Plus APK
Photomath MOD APK 8.37.0

Photomath 8.37.0 MOD Unlocked Plus APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 month ago)
Name Photomath
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherPhotomath, Inc.
Latest Version8.37.0
MOD Unlocked Plus
Price FREE

Photomath is a math problem-solving application for all students. This application will help you solve most math problems from simple to complex. It can be arithmetic puzzles, tunneling graphs, algebra, matrices, trigonometry, and more. In particular, you not only get the answer to the problem, but you can see the step-by-step process. In other words, this application will guide you to solve math like a real teacher. Besides, it also has modern teaching methods such as learning through videos, making it easier for you to approach math. Plus, you don’t need to pay to enjoy these.

Photomath – An application to solve math on your phone!

Have you ever had difficult problems that you couldn’t solve on your own? Want an online tutor to solve all your math problems at any time? Photomath is something you should have on your phone. This app has more than 300 million users worldwide. That is thanks to the intelligent math-solving feature and many effective learning methods. This app will become your trusted teacher and friend. The problems will be solved by leading experts and intelligent algorithms.


Explore a wide range of math problems

This app seems to be able to solve any math problem from basic to advanced. Besides, its math topic is very close to the curriculum of students and students. That’s why no matter what level you study at, this is a powerful support tool for learning math. Specifically, this application can solve the following problems:

Numbers and quantities. These are problems involving real and complex numbers (addition, subtraction, comparison,… APK.

The function of numbers. Problems with functional graphs and function properties (determined domain, limit, asymptote,… APK.

Algebra. There is a wide range of problems such as reducing expressions, solving equations/inequalities/systems of equations, polynomials, combinatorics, permutations, matrices, determinants, and more.

Trigonometry (also known as geometry problems APK. This application can solve the problem of converting between angles and radians, calculating the period of trigonometric functions, and proving trigonometric equality,…

Other forms. Other problems include recursion, integral, derivative, area/volume calculation, differential equations, and tangent lines.


Learn with different methods

Photomath provides a wide range of proven learning methods by experts. Those are the most effective methods to learn at home and study anytime, anywhere. Each problem will be taught in the simplest way, ie giving the answer step by step. Your job is to see the steps and analyze and understand the problem. But the way to learn is more interesting than learning through videos. The app automatically visualizes each step of the math problem for easier tracking. The learning process also becomes more lively and engaging.

Besides, this application also has available textbook libraries. You can go there to learn more about arithmetic and geometry. Of course, there is no limit to study time or achievement. You have the right to study for hours or minutes a day or study in the morning or evening, study on your phone or computer, etc. Find the most suitable way to learn at your own pace and interests. It is the best learning method for all students.


Detailed response step by step

A lot of other math-solving apps focus only on results. In other words, they only tell you the final answer to any problem. But this application is different. It will give you detailed math from start to finish. As a result, you can learn how to solve math problems instead of just knowing the results quickly but not learning much. In addition, this application will share related terms and concepts contained in the problem. You will learn more than you know to improve your math level.


Simple and easy to use

As an app for students and students, it’s simple to use. All you need to do is turn on the camera and scan your problem. Then just wait a few seconds to see the results of the problem. It’s simple right? Each step in the process is visually displayed on the screen. All parameters, numbers, and calculations are very clear, making you comfortable when solving math problems. Moreover, the study space looks quite simple and optimal. Unimportant details are removed to keep the absolute focus.

All in all, Photomath is a great math problem solver. This is considered an online teacher for all students. With this app, you can learn math anytime and anywhere without any barriers. What’s more, you’ll learn how to solve math problems instead of just results. And you can choose the best learning method for you.

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