Perfect Slices 1.4.26 MOD Lots of Money, Unlocked Level APK
Perfect Slices MOD APK 1.4.26

Perfect Slices 1.4.26 MOD Lots of Money, Unlocked Level APK

Written by Hai Nam (18 hours ago)
Name Perfect Slices
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Size 54MB
Latest Version 1.4.26
MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked Level
Category Casual
Price FREE

Perfect Slices is a highly addictive idle simulation game. It gives you hours of comfort on your phone with simple “click” gameplay mechanics. Your job is to cut the fruit into slices with the sharp knife available to prepare ingredients for delicious dishes. Just like that, you’ll go through hundreds of levels of the craziest fruity attitude at an increasingly terrifying pace. Try to control your knife so as not to cut hard objects. With the victory, you will accumulate points and bonuses to unlock knives. In addition, there are hundreds of familiar fruits and vegetables for slicing. They will delight you with their vibrant colors and lifelike shapes.

Perfect Slices – Slicing vegetables with the “click” mechanism!

Simple and idle games like Perfect Slices attract millions of players around the globe. That’s thanks to addictive click-through gameplay mechanics, colorful, realistic visuals, and relaxing music. Sometimes, just such an experience is best to relax on the phone, instead of focusing on strategic battles or role-playing. That is the factor that makes this game so impressive in the hearts of fans. Join the game, your task is to slice vegetables and fruits to prepare to cook delicious dishes in the kitchen. The tool you will use is a sharp knife. And you just need to click on the screen to use it.


Conquer hundreds of fun levels

There are more than 200 levels available in this game for you to satisfy the excitement of slicing fruits and vegetables. In each level, you need to cut a certain amount of vegetables to complete the task and unlock new levels. To do that, you need to control your knife by clicking on the screen. The series of fruits and vegetables are randomly distributed on an endless track. You click to slice them and release your hand if you want to stop. You need to do it precisely and flexibly to slice fruit while dodging obstacles like wooden cutting boards, spikes, or any other hard object. If you touch them, you will break the knife and have to start over.

Just like that, you will go through the levels in endless excitement. With idle gameplay like this, the game brings a strange sense of relaxation and fun, right? Slicing fruits and vegetables here is similar to the game “Fruit Ninja” but much simpler and easier to play. Instead of having to swipe back and forth on the screen, you just need to click to conquer the levels here. However, it does not mean that you will easily conquer all levels. As the level is higher, the running speed of the fruit will become faster and faster, making it difficult for you to control your knife. Sometimes, you click too fast because you want to slice it all, but accidentally touch pieces of hardwood. That’s when you have to play again in a calmer state.


Unlock powerful knives

To conquer the levels, Perfect Slices gives you more than 18 different knives. If you are lucky enough to get Rare and Epic knives, you can enjoy their unique skins in each of your levels. To get knives, you need to accumulate bonuses and reach a certain level. The knives have no special skills that give you a better advantage. But they will make you more excited with new looks and sounds. In addition, the fruit and vegetable system will automatically change flexibly through the game screen. It creates a colorful scene on each of your levels.


Diverse contexts

Although not the main factor, the diverse change in the game context also creates the necessary freshness. The scene will change color through the levels and it is gentle and pleasant. Therefore, your eyes will always feel comfortable even if you play games for a long time. Along with the change of fruits, knives, and the location of obstacles on the run, the game will make you always feel new and satisfied.


Realistic images, joyful music

A world of vegetables and fruits is vividly depicted in this game. It brings so many different varieties from tomatoes to carrots, vegetables, cucumbers, eggplants, bitter melons, mushrooms, and even precious gold bars. Everything is very real, just like in real life. The sound of each cut on the way from the knife is also extremely vivid, bringing excitement to every click on the screen. The background is colorful, the music is bright and cheerful. Everything is quite simple but together contribute to creating a relaxing experience for you.

So, do not hesitate to experience Perfect Slices. It is available for you to download for free here with its amazing unlimited features. Feel free to chop vegetables and fruits to earn as many bonuses as you can and enjoy the relaxation. There are hundreds of exciting levels that you can unlock during your experience.

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