Perfect Lie 6.2.1 MOD Lots of Money APK
Perfect Lie MOD APK 6.2.1

Perfect Lie 6.2.1 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name Perfect Lie
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Supersonic Studios LTD
Size 168MB
Latest Version 6.2.1
MOD Lots of Money
Category Casual
Price FREE

Are you the best liar in the world? Try playing Perfect Lie to test your lying skills. This game brings you hundreds of different situations. Your job is to choose one of the appropriate answers to solve each situation. Of course, you need to choose the most appropriate answer to hide your sin. If you choose wrong, you will have to pay the penalty and start over. Sounds easy, right? In fact, the puzzles here are relatively simple. But that’s when you haven’t played to level 10 or higher. Countless difficult situations are waiting for you to conquer here. To conquer the gameplay easily, don’t forget lmhapkss has shared with you Perfect Lie 6.2.1 MOD Lots of Money APK with great features for you to try.

About Perfect Lie – Learn how to become the best liar!

Right from the title, Perfect Lie tells you the content of the levels here. That is, you must learn how to lie to perfection to win quizzes. Lying is not always bad. And not everyone knows how to lie to deceive others. But now, this game will teach you some interesting ways to lie, thereby winning funny quizzes and receiving rewards. You will start with a 5 year old boy studying at an elementary school in town. Your mission is to help this character become the best liar.


Lie your way

Playing as a boy in Perfect Lie MOD, you will encounter dozens of interesting situations in the first levels. In each level, the game will give you a situation. Your job is to choose how to solve that situation by choosing one of the two available answers. For example, your character skipped school the other day. You have to think of a way to help him get past the teacher’s question about this truancy. Which of the following two answers will you choose: “He thought yesterday was Sunday”, “He skipped school with other friends”.

Of course, the first answer will be more reasonable and wiser. If you choose correctly, you will get access to a new puzzle with a new situation. You also have to choose the correct answer to continuously unlock more interesting puzzles. Just like that, you will follow the character from being an amateur boy to becoming a professional liar. This is also the process to train your lying ability and thinking. Please join the game diligently and enjoy the fun puzzles.


Countless funny situations

During the Perfect Lie experience, there will be dozens of situations for you. Let’s take a look at interesting situations like: “You see a dog on the street and decide to bring it home. What will you do to hide the dog from your mother?”, “You intentionally pulled a friend’s chair in class, how can you lie to him to get away with it?”, “You cheated during homework exam and being discovered by the teacher, what should I say wisely?”…

Those are just 3 of the hundreds of puzzles available in this game. Each puzzle will have 2 solutions so your choice will have a 50% chance of being correct. You should think carefully before choosing the answer. If you choose wrong, you have to return to the situation from the beginning. Some situations will be linked together through 3 or 4 different puzzles. So if you choose a wrong puzzle, you have to waste time going back to the first puzzle.


Follow character development

An interesting feature in Perfect Lie MOD APK is that it allows you to follow the character’s life. At the beginning of the game, you are a mischievous 5th grade boy still studying in school. But over time, you will grow in age, thereby accessing many new things. For example, you will study in middle school, high school, university, then graduate and work in the office environment.

Situations will change when the character’s living and learning environment is different. From there, dozens of new interesting things will appear in your puzzle. In addition, the game will bring dozens of unique skins as you level up. Choose skins that suit your age and interests to stand out more. The game context will also change dynamically through levels. Thanks to that, the game brings endless newness to you.


3D graphics with fun design

Every puzzle in this game is designed with 3D graphics. Therefore, every image and detail appears very vivid and realistic. The game context changes through levels and takes place in familiar locations such as schools, houses, swimming pools, campuses… You will see how familiar they are when you immerse yourself in the process of solving puzzles in these places. This. Besides, the character images with cartoon designs look extremely adorable.

Perfect Lie MOD APK Features!

This MOD APK version provides the following attractive features in Perfect Lie 6.2.1 for you to play the game better:

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • Full Money
  • No advertising

Download game Perfect Lie APK + MOD (Lots of Money) For Android!

So are you ready? Perfect Lie at LMHAPKSS is a free game for your phone. Introduce about the game to explore hundreds of interesting puzzles revolving around the topic of lying. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your intelligence in different situations. How would you lie to deceive others? Choose the wisest answer to explore all available situations in this game. Conclusion: Download Perfect Lie MOD APK 6.2.1 version with a lot of money features available in the game, helping you shop and spend everything without having to think. From now on, whatever you want to buy, you can use this large amount of money to buy it 100% free. Promise this version will help you beat this game easier than the original.

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