Password Manager SafeInCloud 21.1.12 MOD Full/Patched APK
Password Manager SafeInCloud MOD APK 21.1.12

Password Manager SafeInCloud 21.1.12 MOD Full/Patched APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 month ago)
Name Password Manager SafeInCloud
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherSafe In Cloud
Latest Version21.1.12
MOD Full/Patched
Price FREE

If you have too many passwords to remember, Password Manager SafeInCloud will help you. It is the most trusted password manager, helping you to keep your login information and more personal information in an encrypted database. You just need to enter your account and password here and activate the autofill feature. After that, every time you log in to an application, you do not need to fill in the login information anymore. Of course, this data is very important and is always encrypted for safety. You can also sync data through the cloud and many other devices. Therefore, the safety and convenience are even higher.

Password Manager SafeInCloud – Manage login information!

Creating and remembering passwords is no longer a problem when you have Password Manager SafeInCloud. This application is the perfect tool to manage accounts, passwords, and many other important data. Not only a manager, but the application also has a series of features such as cloud sync (helps you sync login information or recover data APK, password strength generation and analysis, and log-in with anthropometric learning, … Especially, with great encryption ability, you will be completely secure when using it.


Autofill mode

Remembering passwords is no longer necessary, thanks to the autofill feature. First of all, you need to set up login information to the application. Each app should have a different set of usernames and passwords. Then every time you log into any app, like Facebook. Twitter, banking app,…, no need to fill in information anymore. Just one touch to instantly log in to your personal account.

Besides, autofill mode also applies to websites on Chrome. You just need to enable the SafeIncloud autofill service in your phone’s settings to do this. The application will then automatically remember your login information to help you log in to any website faster. This mode also applies to Wear OS devices, such as credit card PINs, door codes, locker codes, etc. Just one touch to quickly unlock.


Advanced encryption capabilities

Security is always the most important thing in Password Manager SafeInCloud. Simply because this is what many users care about the most. But you can rest assured of this thanks to strong encryption. Your data is always encrypted with the advanced encryption standard AES (256-bit APK. This is the encryption algorithm used by the US government and is widely applied globally.

In particular, encryption is applied to data on both your device and your cloud account. So no matter where you update your data, all data is always protected confidentially. There is never a problem of data loss or personal data being stolen by someone.


Cloud sync

This is probably the most loved feature of this app. This feature keeps your database in sync with your cloud account. As a result, data recovery or data transfer from device to cloud (or vice versa, from cloud to device APK, becomes easier than ever. You can also access your login data anytime, anywhere without the need to bring your original device.

In addition, this application also has a version for computers with Windows or Mac OS operating systems. Of course, the application interface will be optimized for each device and platform. This helps you manage your logins at all times. On different versions, you have the right to customize data, add/remove, bookmark, … any login information.

Generate and analyze password strength

If you have no idea about a personal password, you can use the password generator here. Password Manager SafeInCloud will suggest random passwords with high strength but easy to remember. When entering any password into the application, you also know its strength. Weak passwords are red, and strong passwords are blue. The app also tells you how long it is possible to hack your password, in case someone tries to hack your account.


Sign in in many ways

The database in the app is heavily encrypted, so what if someone opens the app? You can rest assured in this regard as there is always some form of application security in place. Specifically, you can set up an app lock using anthropometrics, like retina, fingerprint, or face. These are individual characteristics of each person. As such, only you have the right to open the app and access its contents.

As can be seen, Password Manager SafeInCloud is a reliable information manager. You can safely entrust this application with your account information, passwords, etc. All data is always top-secret encrypted and synchronized with multiple devices and cloud accounts. As a result, you have access to and customization of information at all times.

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