Partymasters 1.3.26 MOD Lots of Money APK
Partymasters - Fun Idle Game MOD APK 1.3.26

Partymasters 1.3.26 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Name Partymasters - Fun Idle Game
Requires Android 5.1
Size 76MB
Latest Version 1.3.26
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Partymasters is an idle simulation game, published by CASUAL AZUR GAMES. This is a developer specializing in providing entertaining games with many different themes. Here, when you join the game, you will be entering an entertainment business model. Open lively music parties with the following of thousands of fans. Accordingly, you will have to perform a lot of different jobs as a manager. Use the money to spend on those who come to enjoy the music festival. From there, increase the reputation to open larger concerts. Attract die-hard fans. At the same time, there will be the opportunity to hire many other celebrities to come to the concert. With over 40 different characters for you to discover.

Partymasters – Organize Exciting Music Parties!

The game’s graphics are designed in a cartoon style. With a combination of a vivid lighting system. The scene opens up concerts in many different locations. From the streets at night, to the large square in front of high-rise buildings. Based on vivid graphics used to recreate the environment. Along with an impressive simulated sound system. Expressed through light effects that are changed according to the musical melodies and songs of the singers. To increase the attractiveness in the process of building a music festival. The sound is reproduced vibrantly with many different tunes for you to enjoy.Partymasters

The process takes place in a clicker style

The gameplay takes place in an idle clicker style. Unlock different levels that revolve around organizing a music festival. Accordingly, you will become a manager to bring the most exciting parties. With the participation of thousands of spectators and fans. They will watch singers perform live songs. The process will have staff using the currency to pay for the fans and singers. That is the bill that must be paid in full to be able to complete an attractive concert. The money spent will constantly increase reputation points. From there, it helps you to accumulate to use the investment to create bigger concerts.Tai Partymasters

As each level increases

The party taking place in the Partymasters game will be level by level. At each level opens a live music party. Accordingly, you need to spend a specific amount of money on different services. Also, increase reputation points over time to accumulate. After finishing one level will come the next music session. The amount to invest will be larger than before with many activities to spend. At the same time, the number of participating fans will increase even more. It also requires the participation of many artists. Accordingly, it will take more time to perform the task. But there will be a greater chance of getting reputation points to use.Introduce about Partymasters

Fame Points and rubies

Reputation points in the game are represented by the golden star icon. In order for the score to increase, it will have to attract more fans to participate in music parties. Accordingly will need to use money to pay the fee for them to enjoy. It is also possible to use super rogue boosters to attract people. To increase the number of passionate fans. Besides reputation points are used as a currency. There are also valuable rubies, through achievements to receive in small quantities and accumulate.

Upgrade features

Here are many different features that need to be upgraded. Includes the amount used at each spend, shown through the clicker operation. The face value of each bill is used to pay the fee. Fashionable hats gain popularity points from the girls’ appearance. Moreover, upgrading the gun that shoots money from time to time will automatically perform. Each feature will cost different reputation points. At the same time, after each upgrade, the number of points to make the next time will increase. Besides, the money gun will have to use rubies to upgrade.Game Partymasters

The Partymasters game has more than 40 different characters. They are all singers and musicians participating in music parties. Each person is featured with a unique fashion style. Expressed through appearance, hairstyle, clothing, and styling. At the same time, each singer will bring attractive performances for everyone to enjoy. Accordingly, you can hire more singers to attract more fans.

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