Parkour Flight 3.23 MOD Shopping Without Money APK
Parkour Flight MOD APK 3.23

Parkour Flight 3.23 MOD Shopping Without Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Name Parkour Flight
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Alexander Bukharev
Size 22MB
Latest Version 3.23
MOD Free Shopping
Category Arcade
Price FREE

Promises to bring an interesting experience for all players when participating in Parkour Flight. With simple gameplay, but requires very high skill. Challenge every player’s ability during the experience. This is an arcade game. With a series of unique features, combined with parkour elements. With a modern style of playing. You will have to perform the skills in a spectacular way. Perform the task of jumping from a height over the obstacles. Then land safely to gain achievement points. Besides, is a 2D game with a light configuration. Graphics and sound effects are not paid much attention. Everything in the game is depicted in a simple way. Instead, focus on how to perform the skills.

Introduce about Parkour Flight – Perform Parkour Techniques To Jump Over Obstacles!

The Parkour Flight game is combined with parkour elements. Unlock quests in each level. Each level has a lot of different challenges. Your mission is to accompany the character in the game. Perform parkour skills like a 360-degree jump in the air. Or cling to objects to perform spectacularly different techniques. After performing any technique once, ensure safe grounding. From there will get achievement points. The number of points will constantly increase after each successful implementation. Conversely, if it is not possible to land safely, an accident occurs. You will lose a life, and no points will be added. Perform each skill in turn, achieving excellent scores to complete the task. From there will receive attractive rewards from the system.Parkour Flight

Challenge increases after each level

Each level of Parkour Flight takes place in a different setting. The example opens in the gym, outdoors, and on the golden sands of the sea. With challenges that increase with each score achieved. That means the difficulty will constantly increase. For example, in the early stages, you will have to perform parkour techniques in a simple way. Jump 360 degrees in the air, then land safely. After success, the height of the tank will increase, and additional obstacles may appear. Making the process of performing parkour jump more difficult. But if you successfully land, you will get a higher score. After reaching enough points to fulfill the required condition from the participation level. The system will unlock to get to a new level. Discover more interesting places to do parkour.Tai Parkour Flight

The technique needs to be improved

In the process of performing parkour techniques to jump over obstacles. Technology is one of the most important factors. Decide directly on the outcome of the game in Parkour Flight. Because just a small mistake in the implementation process will put you in danger. You will even lose your life and cannot earn points. That will increase the experience time. Will have to play a level over and over again, and after many times will get bored. In order for that not to happen, it is necessary to cultivate experience. Constantly improve control skills to achieve better efficiency. Although it will be very difficult in the early stages. Because you also have to get used to the gameplay, as well as the controls. But after being mature and flexible. Can easily overcome the challenges of the game.Game Parkour Flight

There are 2 game modes

Currently, Parkour Flight has 2 main game modes. Includes scale mode and free mode. Each mode is built with its own style of gameplay. In scale mode, you will participate with a limited number of lives. Aim to get the highest score possible. After a failed parkour technique, one life will be lost. Repeat this until there are absolutely no lives left. The mission will end and be rewarded with the corresponding achievement points. Besides, the free mode has simpler gameplay. Here you can practice parkour techniques. After each loss of life will be revived to continue. In general, each mode is designed in a different way. But they all require skill to perform.Introduce about Parkour Flight

As introduced earlier, the graphics of Parkour Flight are quite simple. Poor image quality, used in 2D. Everything in the game is rendered imperfectly. From the actions of the character when performing parkour techniques. To the surroundings and movements of the aircraft. Makes you feel not as smooth as games with similar themes. Because they are jerky, creating a feeling of getting bored quickly. Not stopping there, the sound effects are not vivid. The music sounds intermittent, sometimes not suitable for each scene.

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