Park Master 2.7.8 MOD Shopping Without Money APK
Park Master MOD APK 2.7.8

Park Master 2.7.8 MOD Shopping Without Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Park Master
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher KAYAC Inc.
Size 57MB
Latest Version 2.7.8
MOD Free Shopping
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Park Master is a car parking-themed content-building puzzle game. That opens up levels to challenge your skills. Use your finger to draw the best route, allowing the car to move through all obstacles to reach the finish line. From there, complete the mission to get to the next parking challenge. This game is in the puzzle category of the developer KAYAC Inc. With many unique features waiting for you to discover when joining. The graphics system is simulated based on a colorful 3D platform. Open up many different parking environments to perform missions. Along with that is a diverse vehicle system designed in its own style. Expressed through the default style and paint color.

Download Park Master MOD APK – Solve Parking Puzzles

The content of the game is a combination of puzzles and parking. Follow the drawing gameplay to guide the vehicle along your route. The target does not collide with any other obstacles or vehicles, and parks exactly at the designated point. From there will complete the task to go to the next challenge. Rely on an intuitively designed control mechanism. You can be creative and free to draw according to your ideas. But need to make sure the vehicle must move correctly. The process of moving the vehicle will not have to interfere, the operating system will automatically follow the drawn route. Now just track the vehicle and wait for the results.Park Master MOD

Missions by Level

Follow the content of the game to complete the task by level. Each level unfolds a car parking challenge which is played out in a lively environment. Through the top-down perspective, the whole can be observed. On the environment, the parking system will be displayed with the letter P icon. Along with that, gold coins will appear. Accordingly, you need to draw the best route to collect all the gold coins. At the same time, instruct the car to park exactly at the last P point to complete the task.Game Park Master MOD

Reward received

After completing a challenge at Park Master there will be a chance to randomly receive a golden key. Along with the percentage accumulating bonus points to unlock new vehicles. Accordingly, when 100% is accumulated, the system will unlock a new car. Or collect all 3 keys to open a treasure chest. Now the system gives 9 different chests. With 3 golden keys, 3 chests can be opened to receive rewards. From there there is the opportunity to receive large amounts of gold coins or new vehicles.

Challenges get harder when you reach new levels

Come to the next parking level of the game to do the mission. There will be many factors that change to increase the challenge. Accordingly opens the parking lot to the new environment. There are additional obstacles from obstacles such as wooden crates, barriers, stone walls, and more. At the same time, the number of obstacles will increase more when coming to new levels. Moreover, have to park many cars at the same time on a level. With parking spots in different locations, it is necessary to ensure that each vehicle is parked at the designated location. In particular, do not collide with each other during movement. Otherwise, the mission will fail and have to start over.Tai Park Master MOD

Note the color and order of drawing

At each parking, the mission takes place in the parking lot. You need to pay attention to the color of each vehicle and the designated parking spot. Accordingly, it is necessary to draw the correct and appropriate route for each vehicle. Because you must put the right car in the parking spot with the corresponding color. Only then can you overcome the challenge and complete the mission. Besides, based on the order of drawing the route of each car on the parking lot. Each vehicle in turn will move in the correct order. Based on the above factors, you can combine them with your own playstyle and creativity. At the same time, based on the map and terrain to be able to create the most suitable routes.Download Park Master MOD

Experience the parking challenges of each level of the Park Master game. There will be a chance to unlock many different vehicles. They are all cars of many segments. For example cars, sports cars, offroad trucks, trolleys, and many more. Each car is uniquely designed in a cubic style. Along with that, the color of each car will not be the same. If you want to explore all the vehicles in the game. It will be necessary to overcome many difficult challenges.

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