Paper Bad 2.5.2 MOD Lots of Money APK
Paper Bad MOD APK 2.5.2

Paper Bad 2.5.2 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Paper Bad
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Entity3
Size 82MB
Latest Version 2.5.2
MOD Unlimited Full Money
Category Arcade
Price FREE

Paper Bad is an entertaining game by developer Entity3. The game is in the Arcade category and was released in 2021. The content revolves around cycling and throwing newspapers to cause destruction. From there receive bonuses based on the level of damage you have caused. This game is built on vivid retro graphics. Reproduces sharp images and is designed in a cartoon style. Thereby you will have the opportunity to enjoy unique and completely new gameplay. Perform a newspaper-throwing action on the cycling route to destroy everything on the sidewalk. At the same time perform different tasks and earn a lot of money.

Download Paper Bad MOD APK – Cycling On The Road To Throw Newspapers To Cause Destruction

Based on the content of the game Paper Bad in LMHAPKSS. Go through the first-person perspective to become a delivery biker. In his hand he carried a scroll of newspaper to make a weapon thrown from a distance. Can throw an unlimited number of things around to destroy. From there cause damage to earn money after finishing a cycle. Then, based on the achievements that have been achieved during the performance of the task. Combined with the bonus multiplier is made at the end of the journey. From there will increase the amount of the corresponding bonus to be able to receive. Helps you to accumulate a large amount and use it in different trading activities.Paper Bad MOD

Quests by level

Complete Paper Bad’s quests in each level. Each level opens a cycling journey. On the sidewalks, along the cycling route are construction works and people’s activities. For example, police patrolling, and people repairing roofs. The devil, the lawn waterer, the delivery man,… and many more. Thereby you will use the newspaper roll you hold in your hand and keep throwing it. From there, it created destruction, causing people to be blown away and glass windows to shatter. Even destroy the souls of evil spirits. Try to destroy to create the greatest damage possible. From there, you will gain new achievements, as well as complete tasks at a level.Game Paper Bad MOD

Gameplay and multiplier score column

The progression of the delivery journey in Paper Bad. The bicycle will move automatically, constantly moving forward at a certain speed. During that time, you just need to perform the action of throwing the newspaper to destroy it. After the journey is almost over, go through the buildings and reach the final destination. At this point, a large column will appear divided into many points with different multipliers. Throw the newspaper correctly into that column to gain a random multiplier. Then, based on the amount of bonus earned, it will be multiplied by the number of points. Helps you receive a huge amount of money. However, if you miss, it will mean you will not receive additional bonuses.Download Paper Bad MOD

Many changes when reaching new levels

Continue the quest in the next level of Paper Bad. There will be many changing factors to increase the challenge. The cycling route has a longer distance than before. As well as construction works and people’s activities will increase. Makes you have to constantly throw newspapers to destroy them to cause great damage. Ensure destruction is proportional to the distance cycled at the participation level. Furthermore, complete each level to the given stage in turn. The system will then unlock a new cycling location. With many interesting things waiting ahead. But besides that, difficulties and challenges increase, making it difficult for you to overcome.

Leaderboard mode

Although the game Paper Bad can be played in offline mode for free. But to experience all the features, you will have to connect to the network. Thereby having the opportunity to participate in achievement competitions with other players. On a list of everyone’s rankings, based on the amount of bonuses earned after each level. Try to achieve high results by throwing newspapers to cause damage. Combine with multipliers for bigger winnings. From there, you can rise to a higher position on the rankings.Paper Bad MOD APK

Use the bonuses earned after going through the levels of Paper Bad. Stats can be upgraded to improve abilities. Includes throwing speed, power, and income. Each indicator is represented by a different level. You will have to upgrade in turn to increase the ability to throw newspapers and deal damage. Accordingly, to upgrade the index to the maximum will need a large amount of money. But it will bring a great benefit and help you be effective in performing tasks at the next levels.

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