Pandaclip: The Black Thief 1.9.2 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, God mode, 1Hit, Unlocked APK
Pandaclip: The Black Thief MOD APK 1.9.2

Pandaclip: The Black Thief 1.9.2 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, God mode, 1Hit, Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 week ago)
Name Pandaclip: The Black Thief
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherHi-Clay Games
Latest Version1.9.2
MOD Menu, Unlimited money, God mode, Onehit, Unlocked
CategoryRole Playing
Price FREE

Are you looking for an action role-playing game that is fresh and lovely? Pandaclip: The Black Thief is the best choice for you at the moment. Join the game, you will play with beautiful anime warriors. Each girl has her own personality and skills to aid you in the fight while appealing to your curiosity to discover. Funny everyday stories are presented through visual images and funny dialogue. Thanks to that, you will feel like you are immersed in the stories of the girls. But that’s not all, the game will bring them into fiery battles with different weapons. Their opponents are giant black bears.

Pandaclip: The Black Thief – Fight the bears with anime girls!

Despite being an idle and simple role-playing game, Pandaclip: The Black Thief is still built with an extremely well-organized storyline. At the beginning of the game, you will be told the reason for your journey. Chiwa and the other anime girls are planning to go camping but are accidentally invaded by black bears. They came and stole the camp food, and this angered the real warriors. They are determined to drive out these mean black bears once and for all. From then on, your journey will be accompanied by these wars and lovely girls. It consists of many levels one after another with many new and interesting things waiting for you.


Participate in idle wars

So, your journey is the battle with the black bears. You will control the anime warriors in this war through the virtual buttons on the screen. Specifically, you can move the character with the joystick and attack by clicking on the weapon icon on the right side of the screen. During the fight, the black bears will approach from both sides in turn. You need to combine actions wisely and flexibly to defeat them while protecting your HP. A bear will die if its HP reaches 0. But as the level increases, the bear’s HP will increase, making it difficult for your warriors. You have to upgrade them, and also improve weapons to gain an advantage.

Along with the war, you have to constantly be creative to create new weapons. By combining resources together, you can create a pan, axes made of bamboo and sickles, knives, swords, sticks, and even guns. The weapons will be suitable for each situation on the battlefield. For example, if your girl is a melee fighter, have her use a pan, knife, or sword. On the contrary, if the black pandas approach from afar, the best way is to finish them off with a gun. The access to the bears is only suitable for melee fighters. Conversely, if ranged warriors are approached, HP will drop faster.


Discover beautiful girls

In Pandaclip: The Black Thief, there are only 4 anime characters. However, each character is carefully designed in terms of dialogue and plot and has a close relationship with the rest of the characters. Therefore, the game offers a rich story with many events and mysteries for you to discover every day. Moreover, each girl with her own beauty, personality, and skills. So you will have dozens of combinations between them to form a battle squad. You can also design your own fashion for the characters. The game has an entire inventory of costumes, weapons, and accessories for you to freely combine and create.

In addition, the story of the game will gradually be expanded through dialogue. The girls will constantly exchange and chat with each other, accompanied by interesting expressions and actions. It is these dialogues that will lead you through the different chapters in the game. The girls will also help you decipher hidden locations, conduct weapons research, and participate in many fun events. So your adventure will be filled with laughter and beautiful pictures.


Bright background and beautiful pictures

The game is designed in a fun anime style so that it can be suitable for many players. The girls are described very carefully in terms of appearance, personality, expressions, and skills. They also have detailed dialogue and super nice animation in both anime and chibi form. The game context changes dynamically through events and battles. The experience scene is always filled with bright colors, helping you relax every time you play.

MOD APK feature implemented of Pandaclip: The Black Thief

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • God mode
  • 1Hit, Unlocked

So, are you ready to join this exciting idle adventure? Pandaclip: The Black Thief can work even offline so you can play it anywhere and anytime. Accompany beautiful and charming anime warriors in idle battles. Moreover, do not miss the opportunity to join them to discover many hidden locations, cool weapon recipes, and interesting stories here.

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