Pako 3 1.0.6 MOD  Unlock all Cars, Ads Removed Purchased APK
Pako 3 MOD APK 1.0.6

Pako 3 1.0.6 MOD Unlock all Cars, Ads Removed Purchased APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 days ago)
Name Pako 3
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherTree Men Games
Latest Version1.0.6
MOD Unlock all Cars, Ads Removed Purchased
Price FREE

Continuation of the Pako game series of the developer Tree Men Games. Pako 3 is the 3rd version, with new and improved features. Promises to bring a more engaging experience than previous versions. The content of the game is still retained, and the gameplay is similar to the old one. Revolving around the story of driving a car to escape from the wanted of the police. With a mission system that takes place according to levels. The goal is to conquer difficult challenges in races that take place at the boss level. Moreover, in addition to the simple gameplay, but very attractive. The game is free to download and compatible with most mobile devices. Besides, the graphics are simulated in 2D with unique image quality. Along with a variety of racing cars provided, you can fully enjoy the exciting moments.

Pako 3 – The Chase From The Police Cars!

The story of Pako 3 simulates the journey of running away from the police cars. Here, you will have to participate in the dramatic chase. Control your own car, without the support of teammates or anyone. The target runs away from a large number of police cars chasing behind. Crashes often happen, because they will find ways to make you stop. Will even dash directly to create an explosion. Along with that, environmental conditions and terrain also greatly affect the driving process. Obstacles and objects in the way will reduce the vehicle’s speed. Give chance for police cars to attack. Require your skills to overcome all challenges. Complete the race with the best score.Nails 3

Simple gameplay, collect coins

The gameplay of Pako 3 is similar to its predecessors. The race takes place in real-time, revolving around an extremely attractive chase. On a large race track, it is possible for the driver to move freely. Try to avoid being hit by police cars. Through the progress bar displayed on the screen. Match the time your racing car is on the road. From there, the corresponding results will be obtained. The reward received after the race ends includes gold coins. The amount will correspond to each difficulty level of the task. Along with the money collected during the chase. The accumulated money can then be used to perform unlocking and upgrading activities. Change your favorite car to continue participating in the chase to new levels.Game Nails 3

Diverse missions, increasing difficulty

The task system of Pako 3 is very diverse. Each mission has its own set of requirements for survival time in the chase. For example, run away from the police in 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 25 seconds,.. and many more. Each mission corresponds to a level. Also, the difficulty will increase every time you start a chase at a new level. Not only is the time longer than before. Also faced with a large number of police cars. The terrain is complicated, causing more difficulties in the process of moving. At this time, it is necessary to develop the accumulated skills to achieve good results. Observe everything around, and control flexibly to avoid police cars. Constantly gaining experience to improve driving skills. From there, you will get better results.Nails 3

Many unique racing cars

As introduced earlier, the Pako 3 version is provided many new racing cars. The game owns a collection of more than 30 different cars. Each car is designed with a very unique and different design. From color to the performance. They are expressed through speed, power, and control. However, to own them will need to use the money to buy them. Through previous chases to accumulate bonuses. When choosing a favorite car, you can buy it to use. Cars with greater value will offer superior performance. Besides, the system also allows customizing of the exterior of the racing car. Change the paint to add more prominence, making your car more impressive.Tai Pako 3

Although Pako 3 is the latest version. But the graphics are still not the best. The game still only uses basic 2D graphics. The image quality and colors are not vivid. But that incidentally makes a difference about the game. It can be easily seen through the shape of racing cars. The environment and surroundings, everything is reproduced very simply. Besides, the sound is completely opposite. Exciting background music is played throughout the race. Combine police car sirens and crash sounds.

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