OWRC: Open World Racing Cars 1.0113 MOD Menu VIP, Shopping Without Money, Remove Ads APK
OWRC: Open World Racing Cars MOD APK 1.0113

OWRC: Open World Racing Cars 1.0113 MOD Menu VIP, Shopping Without Money, Remove Ads APK

By Hai Nam April 13, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name OWRC: Open World Racing Cars
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Free Square Games
Size 475MB
Latest Version 1.0113
MOD Menu, Free Shopping, No ADS
Category Racing
Price FREE

Explore the open world in OWRC: Open World Racing Cars. Through the gameplay of driving and racing against other opponents on the roads. The setting opens on the vast island of Hawaii, which has a beautiful environment and landscape. This place is a gathering place for racing cars of different types. They are operated by skilled and experienced riders. They all have a common goal, which is to participate in racing events to become champions. You are no exception, so will compete with other riders with the goal of winning the top title. To do that will have to go through many different races. At the same time, win convincingly against other opponents, reaching the finish line with the leading position.

Introduce about OWRC: Open World Racing Cars – The Beautiful Hawaiian Island Competition!

Racing on the island of Hawaii in open play. You will have the opportunity to explore the many beautiful landscapes and environments on the island. Through races are assigned specific routes. Accordingly, they will compete with other competitors to reach the final point. From there, win and continue the new race. Here the quest will open up according to each level. At each stage is a racing level with a competition of up to 5 people. The rewards received will be based on achievements, expressed through the number of stars corresponding to the ranking position. To become the champion and win the top title on the island of Hawaii. You need to overcome your opponents through racing levels.OWRC Open World Racing Cars

Racing to explore the world

Different from racing-themed games. Here the races will be held in the style of exploring the world. Recreated step by step, with a large area of ​​​​10 x 10 km to drive. After completing the race in the first level. At the end point to rank and receive rewards. Immediately after that will drive to the next point, indicated by the displayed bronze icon. Take the race track to the next level. Your starting point and the riders will be at the previous parking spot. Go on a new race to explore the stunning landscape of the island of Hawaii.

Races taking place need to pay attention to the percentage of vehicle damage. If there is a collision with the terrain or impact with other racing cars. That will reduce the stability of the vehicle. Causing performance and capacity to not reach the maximum. Accordingly, after reaching the next level of racing, stability cannot be restored to 100%. Instead, it is only possible to recover a certain percentage.Game OWRC Open World Racing Cars

Achievements and rewards

Achievements in each car race in OWRC: Open World Racing Cars are shown by the number of stars. Each star corresponds to the rank achieved after reaching the finish line. If you reach the first, you will receive a maximum of 3 stars. Similarly, the second rank will decrease by one star until the third rating. The rewards are also based on the number of stars achieved. If you successfully complete the task with the top position, you will receive the maximum bonus at the participation level. Coming to the next race, the bonus received will be larger. But the difficulty will increase to challenge your skills.

Increasing difficulty

Coming to the new racing level will have many changes. From racing terrain to competitors. As a way, there will be a longer distance than before. Make you have to improve your skills to be able to overcome opponents. If left behind will not be able to complete the mission. Moreover, the opportunity to receive the maximum bonus is lost.Tai OWRC Open World Racing Cars

There are many racing cars

Driving a new racing car to take part in the competition will bring a lot more excitement. To meet the needs of players for an attractive racing simulator game genre. The game offers a diverse vehicle system. Includes many racing models designed based on real life. The difference between vehicles is reflected in the design. However, to own a new racing car will have to buy one. Through the money earned from previous races. You can accumulate to buy your favorite car. Then upgrade the specifications to enhance the ability. Also, improve the design to create a racing car in its own style.Introduce about OWRC Open World Racing Cars

The game OWRC: Open World Racing Cars also opens another racing mode. When you join, you have the opportunity to show off your skills with real players. Compete with rivals on the road with the best car. Show your driving skills and drift through the turns. At the same time, maximize speed and handle situations to prove yourself as a professional racer. According to the rules of the online racing mode. Riders will be ranked according to the order they reach the finish line.

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