OVERDOX 2.2.0 MOD Menu VIP, Dumb Monster APK

OVERDOX 2.2.0 MOD Menu VIP, Dumb Monster APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 week ago)
Requires Android 6.0
PublisherHAEGIN Co., Ltd.
Latest Version2.2.0
MOD Menu, Dumb Monster
Price FREE

Enjoy the dramatic pace of the battles in OVERDOX. The game belongs to the genre of action role-playing, with open gameplay. With a variety of different tasks for you to perform. Get a chance to challenge yourself through lots of exciting modes. Play as a hero to participate in battles—mission to attack opponents on the vast battlefield. Be the last one left standing to become the champion. Win attractive rewards after a series of achievements. Here, the game is provided with many unique features. Lots of weapons and more than 100 pieces of equipment for you to discover. Upgradeable to enhance specifications. Unleash your own fighting style. Through the gameplay and the equipment used. Along with the sound system and high-quality graphics.

OVERDOX – Role Playing Hero To Join Battles!

Come to the battles in OVERDOX. You will be entering the battlefield on many different maps. Including the city center, ancient temple, lonely land,… and many more. Each map is designed with a unique environment. With the diversity of terrain and space. As well as the appearance of enemies in many different locations. Along with that are treasure chests. They are located in many separate locations for you to search. Furthermore, the map will be limited by a circle of scope. According to the time of each battle. The circle will automatically shrink until a certain space. If you touch or try to get out of the circle. There was no other outcome than the loss of life. Because they will burn those who try to leave the battle.OVERDOX

Real-time gameplay, skill

The open gameplay of OVERDOX takes place in extremely attractive battles. Play as a hero to start the journey. Fight on the battlefield in real-time. Compete with other opponents to find the last survivor. By using equipped weapons to attack the enemy. Use the collected items to use. Make the most of your hero’s power for precise attacks. Flexible dodge to limit the loss of life, protect yourself. Simultaneously combine skills, and special attacks to create large amounts of damage. Kill each opponent in turn to become the last one standing. From there will win with excellent achievements. There is a chance to get a lot of loot and bonuses. You can then continue to start a battle on the new map, competing with new opponents.Ear OVERDOX

Collect chests

In every fight that takes place in OVERDOX. It depends on the game mode when participating. You will have to fight a large number of enemies. They appear randomly at any location. Soon will rush to attack fiercely, to take your life. To be able to destroy all enemies. Defeat dangerous enemies to protect yourself. You need to search for treasure chests to collect items. When unlocked will be selected to receive one of four items. Includes healing, increased damage, increased defense, or random pick. Depends on your own playstyle and fighting style. Can choose the right items to strengthen the character. For example, the hero is in a state of anemia, due to a previous attack. Fast healing will increase the survival rate higher.Game OVERDOX

Weapons and over 100 pieces of equipment

Possess a diverse weapon system and a collection of more than 100 different equipment. OVERDOX helps you unleash fighting in your own style. By combining your favorite attack weapon. Along with the use of defensive equipment, appropriate healing. From there it is possible to create a powerful hero. Possess unique fighting ability. Able to attack flexibly in any situation. Easily defeat enemies and dangerous opponents in battles. Moreover, you need to upgrade equipment to increase the stats. Help the hero’s strength always improve over time. Also, equip items that can change the appearance. Stand out and stand out from the rest.OVERDOX  APK

A lot of different game modes are provided by OVERDOX. Includes casual mode with random players. Friendly mode with the participation of up to 12 friends. Royal mode to compete for the top rank. Challenge mode with a unique chance to win the ultimate reward. Each mode is designed with its own style of play. System-built rules and different requirements. When participating in any mode, requires players to comply. For example, royal mode takes place in real-time. Without teammates to support them, they will have to fight dangerous enemies alone.

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