OH! My Office 1.6.21 MOD Lots of Money APK
OH! My Office MOD APK 1.6.21

OH! My Office 1.6.21 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name OH! My Office
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Twitchy Finger Ltd.
Size 65MB
Latest Version 1.6.21
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Price FREE

OH! My Office is super fun and adorable management simulation game. It is designed with a characteristic gacha style and a neat and novel plot. Join the game, you will be the director of the official company trying to restore its heyday. So you will have dozens of tasks every day from managing employees, upgrading facilities, and implementing investment plans. These things do not require you to learn super skills, simply touch the screen. Moreover, you will find everything is always fun and funny instead of pressure like in the actual office environment. The lovely staff and small and beautiful furniture range will make you relax all day. Feel free to enjoy them in your management experience here.

Download OH! My Office MOD APK – Recovering a bankrupt office company

Despite being a simple simulation game, OH! My Office has a well-rounded and creative storyline. At the beginning of the game, you are introduced as the son of the president who owns a large office company. However, the father’s bad decisions led the company to the brink of bankruptcy. While you’re dealing with the rest of the business before breaking the company, you receive an interesting offer, which is to go back in time to build the company right and help it get out of bankruptcy like it is now. hours. You agreed to that, and you were quickly transported back to the past when the company was just a small office. Now your task is to grow your company to make a profit.


Discover fun management tasks

So, in the end, what do you do to manage an office company? Here are some tasks that you need to do every day.

Employee system management: Employees are the most important resource in the company because they determine productivity. So don’t let them be lazy, nap too much, or play with their phones. Give them appropriate punishments to ensure that every employee’s working moment increases profits for the company. The game gives you a number of support tools for employee management, such as “Productivity Hammer”, “Motivation Tool” and more.

Building facilities: Going up to an empty office, you need to supplement the company with new furniture to upgrade the facilities. You need to arrange tables, chairs, computers, decorative flowers, and even pets. The game allows you to design and create your own style for offices. At the same time, you can unlock new offices, add more furniture and constantly upgrade to create motivation and convenience for work.

Financial management: This is one of the important aspects that a boss like you needs to take care of in OH! My Office. Think strategically about how to use profits effectively to invest in the important factors but upgrade the facilities, recruit and train employees, unlock tools, and buy clothes for character design. Don’t work just like a mediocre boss. You need to upgrade your self-worth in the eyes of employees with interesting fashion styles such as pants, tops, shoes, and accessories.


Super lovely staff system

The game gives you over 80 unique employees to choose from. In it, there are up to 10 types of employees and each type has 6 different abilities. You can unlock them all during company management and upgrades. But you need to select professional staff with responsibility and high working skills. Besides, you need to upgrade them to improve the working speed, thereby boosting the company’s profits. The staff system in the game is also designed with a super diverse appearance. You can find a haughty girl, a funny guy, or even a weirdo who loves to cosplay. Turn them into true office workers.


Fun gacha style, pure music

This game impresses with gacha-style graphic design, bringing intimacy and fun. The images of the characters are designed with great detail and care in terms of costumes, hairstyles, and expressions. The furniture is equally diverse. Everything is visually visible in the office in a top-down view on the phone. Music is light and upbeat, helping you relax and have fun all day long. Fun effects and icons will also delight you.

OH! My Office will help you approach management simulation gameplay in a new way. You will go back in time to rebuild the company from the ground up and save it from bankruptcy. Have you ever thought about this? It’s interesting when you can manage dozens of employees and thousands of dollars in revenue. So, what will you do to grow your office company into the largest enterprise in the world?

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