Offroad Chronicles 0.2237 MOD Unlimited Coins APK
Offroad Chronicles MOD APK 0.2237

Offroad Chronicles 0.2237 MOD Unlimited Coins APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Offroad Chronicles
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Ludos Game
Size 339MB
Latest Version 0.2237
MOD Unlimited Coins
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Offroad Chronicles is an off-road driving simulation game set in a snowy land. Here, there are dozens of unique maps and hundreds of challenging missions to test your driving skills. Choose your car and drive it through the most extreme terrain from mud to tracks and roads no one has dared to go. Your task is to take the goods to places that no one dares to go. The challenges can frustrate you, but the huge bonuses will keep you in the long run. You can also enjoy realistic and accessible driving mechanics. The vehicle system is extremely rich with all kinds of off-road vehicles from small to large. You will have a chance to drive them through the most unique maps, are you ready?

Introduce about Offroad Chronicles – Off-road driving on a snowy map!

Imagine the white land with harsh conditions and you are the truck driver with the responsibility to deliver the goods here. That is what you will experience in Offroad Chronicles. This driving theme is really new and different from what we usually see in racing and simulation games. It is also well designed with a dense mission system, a rich collection of vehicles, and many unique maps. Therefore, this game has everything you need for a driving simulation game. Moreover, you will have a chance to prove yourself in the most difficult missions ever. Keep your cargo safe and overcome all challenges to earn well-deserved bonuses, that’s your duty here.


Explore hundreds of quests

So far, the game has more than 4 different maps with more than 150 missions. Most of the duties are to deliver the goods to the required place. But you can also find other quests like passing checkpoints, testing time or distance or speed, and more. The nature of the missions is different, providing a variety of experiences throughout your journey. Your job is to hold the steering wheel and control the speed of the car appropriately to overcome the obstacles. Regardless of the rough weather, you can conquer the mission with a powerful off-road vehicle. This driving feeling becomes more special than ever. Forget the smooth highways, for now, it’s time to battle the heavy snow and swamps.

The driving mechanics of this game are easy to approach. It only includes a few basic operations like many other driving games. You just use two arrows to navigate the car and click on the brake or accelerator to control the speed on the driveway. Besides, you can switch between first and third-person perspectives. The first-person perspective gives you the most realistic driving experience, but the third-person perspective allows you to see the whole scene and every movement on the journey. Choose your favorite viewing angle and combine actions for smooth and safe rides. A series of challenges are always waiting for you ahead.


Upgrade vehicles and unlock maps

Offroad Chronicles has a variety of vehicles for you to choose from, including vehicles from cars and off-road vehicles to pickup trucks, trucks, buses, and more. Different vehicles have many unique characteristics in terms of shape, model, mass, and parameters. Therefore, each vehicle is also suitable for driving on a variety of terrains and specialized in serving certain tasks. Off-road vehicles are used to cross the terrain and conquer challenges of distance or time. But trucks with a large length and capacity will be suitable for transporting goods. Choose the right vehicle to have pleasant trips.

Besides, you can upgrade your car by replacing parts like wheels, tires, turbo, and more. This way you will help improve the parameters of the car and aim for balance, speed, or whatever advantage you want. With more advantages, you can drive further and get access to many unique maps. There are 4 maps with the most difficult terrain for you to conquer. Each map is thoughtfully designed with detailed landscapes and vivid weather conditions.


Unique console graphics quality

The game impresses greatly in terms of graphics. It vividly simulates unique off-road vehicles from head to body, from wheels to hood units, and more. Each car has a unique engine sound, creating an indescribably realistic driving experience. Every movement of the car on the road is also very smooth. The background is described in detail and covered with beautiful white snow. It shows the romance of the landscape but at the same time clearly depicts the harshness of the weather here.

Get ready to explore Offroad Chronicles and ride like never before. You can try driving multiple cars and perform challenging transport missions on snow maps. Now is the time to explore dozens of car models and enjoy their engine sounds on your phone. Dozens of missions are waiting for you to conquer in this game.

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